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  1. The End with You, Easy Target, and All of This is actually works pretty well as one big song imo
  2. I would fucking kill to have him back in blink
  3. Ready for a break up at this point. Getting embarrassing to say blink is my favorite band
  4. Dude this poll is fucked. All of these somgs are so god damn good its hard to pick a bad song. From a critical standpoint, outside of Blink fans, this album is sooo under rated. Dont get the hate for Down either, that song rocks. Went with ILWY simply because its boring.
  5. Breathe is probably the best example of cringe Tom lyrics.
  6. Jesus christ, I feel like someone held a gun to my head and forced ne to pick what family member to kill. That was fucking agonizing. There truly isnt a bad song on this album.
  7. Idk maybe he talks about Travis' kids because they are fucking cringe worthy and annoying. Go find Landons Youtube channel if you need an example
  8. Never realised how perfect of an album this is until I tried to find a song I didnt like. Ultimately ATST gets my vote.
  9. Don't have time right now to rank them, but Chapter 13 is my favorite song of all time. Gives me the chills everytime I hear it. The story is great, lyrics are phenomenal. "My best laid PLAAAANNS" builds soooo much anticipation. I think that may be the only song that can actually bring a tear to my eyes.
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