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  1. And the glove could be yours for the low low price of $119 USD + shipping!
  2. This is a monster of a bootleg collection, well done! I possibly have a few to add if you are interested. I can send them over once I get my computer fixed.
  3. Here's the M+Ms cover for anyone who hasn't heard.
  4. Just happened to see this, and thought it would be worth sharing. Colleen is an old school blink fan, and she is the one who did that sweet lowfi M+Ms cover that Mark retweeted one time. Very curious to see what becomes of this, will be watching closely. https://www.facebook.com/257439490658/posts/10156949766595659/?sfnsn=mo
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lXIGYcDORo Mark confirms he has a new project coming along ?
  6. Are the pre orders really sold out in the US already? I managed to pre order in Australia. Sold out within about a day and a half. Did anyone grab the Crash Bandicoot trilogy? Currently stuck on Native Fortress...
  7. I think all the California fanboysare now in too deep and lying to themselves that these songs are good.
  8. Finally finished the original Metroid! What a tough game, probably the most difficult game I have beaten. My thumbs are still sore today
  9. What is "Mark Improv"? Is that the same as "People, People, People"?
  10. brocksta182


    I am liking the new song! Sounds like a natural progression from their self titled. I'm glad they are experimenting and releasing interesting music rather than the same old thing each time.
  11. What do you like about it? Genuinely curious.
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