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  1. ^ Damn thought it wasnt seen before due to being uploaded only recently. All of the footage from this era sounds like shit aside from this imo. Tom seems angry as hell at points lol makes sense given the bullshit around the band at this point
  2. Haven't been on this site in probably 6 months. First off, how is everyone? Secondly, I came across this footage which is the first decent quality footage of any untilted era show that I've come across. Holy fuck is it good. They play super fast, Tom isn't drunk and sounds great, def worth watching if you haven't seen it already.
  3. ^ Damn my bad went back only 2 pages haven't checked this site in awhile
  4. Also I don't see this posted anywhere so my apologies if this is posted elsewhere. Tom needs money so time to tease Blink again!
  5. I just don't see how it's possible it succeeds. They will not ever have as much funding as legitimate scientific research companies an no one in their right mind would choose to work for Tom Delonge as opposed to Aerospace or NASA or the actual government unless career suicide is what they want or they're just the biggest fanboy. I'm not criticizing Tom's ambition I don't like the way he's gone about it. Don't ask the fans the fund your shit that's weak and did you read the Offering Circular? Absolute joke it lays out all the reasons why this is going to fail. I love Tom more than most on this board and have defended him through most of his bullshit but I just can't on this. No chance he is successful
  6. I really hope it's not true would be a big blow to me I freaking love this band and just saw them 2 weeks ago. I'm not dismissing the girl, but Skype wasn't invented yet in the time frame she's established. Not doubting her at all , probably true , bit I'm gonna wait for more details to come out. And before people come at me I'm not defending Lacey AT ALL what he's being accused of is disgusting and unacceptable and I will never listen to them again if true. Just want to wait for more details is all
  7. Well yeah LSD can do that to someone totally forgot about that. We agree on Tom so really no point in arguing haha
  8. Based on Travis' book he did way more drugs than Tom and over a decade span and he is totally normal right now. I totally agree with you on pretty much all of your points
  9. I'm saying trust me because I went through a phase of intense drug use for way more than Tom did and after being clean for almost 3 years now I can tell you I'm exactly as I was before the drug use. The only difference is I'm way more chill then I was before but that could easily be chalked up to me just growing up. Don't accuse me of talking out of my ass I have way more experience in that department than is healthy and it's a time of my life I'm not particularly proud of. The reasoning of the drug use for Tom is way overblown and or from people who are just not familiar with the subject. It'd be one thing if he was doing hard drugs but painkillers will not do that to you especially for a time as little as 3 years. Edit: @BlinkFloyd try to talk to someone before jumping to conclusions
  10. I get the whole drug thing but he's been clean for 10+years supposedly. 3 years of intense drug use will not leave permanent mind altering consequences. Trust me on that. I just think he's ego has just been constantly inflated to the point where he truly believes the shit he is spewing. I bet if the government or whatever didn't indulge him he's still be nutty but not nearly as much
  11. No that could def be painkillers. As someone who used to do them back in college from time to time they can make you feel like a God.
  12. Knowing Travis' history with drug abuse I highly doubt he would be cool with that. Just saying
  13. Why is this a topic? Who gives a shit if Travis Barker's daughter is in her own music video. He has the means to make this a reality so more power to him.
  14. Well of course Matt is selling out. I don't know how much Alkaline Trio makes but it sure isn't as much as Blink. The California Summer Tour from last year raked in 29 million which is roughly 500,000 a show. I wouldn't be able to pass that up either. I have no problem with bands selling out you gotta make a living somehow. I wonder too how much Scott gets in royalties. Not sure many people are buying Dude Ranch or Chesire Cat
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