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  1. I was at this show, and there was a pretty big lightning storm in the area. I'm guessing they were rushed on stage to try and get the show in and maybe Mark wasn't completely ready, but your guess is as good as mine. There was also virtually no banter as well. Not sure if that's common now with the new lineup, but it also hinted to me that they rushed the show to get it in without having to stop or cancel it.
  2. That riff you mention is pretty similar to a 5SOS song Feldy helped produce (Social Casulaty - riff starts around 2:25). Not sure if this has been mentioned on here yet, but I instantly thought of this 5SOS song once I heard that riff. Maybe this is a hint of where John finds ways to improve songs.
  3. Yes! Thank you! Really hope this song sees the light of day eventually.
  4. Anyone remember back in the Neighborhoods era, Mark spoke about a song he wrote for/about his son? From what I recall, he liked it a lot but didn't think it was "finished". Anyone know what ever happened to that song? Might it be on California? I've always wanted to hear a song like that.
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