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  1. I was gonna say, everyone here knows your number is 2.5 erect, pal
  2. I believe him too, I’m just being a jerk. However, members, I mean MODERATORS of this board have lied in regards to Mark before. That twat who made up the story of interviewing Mark still annoys the fuck out of me. Golden read though!
  3. Yes it has tons of great pics in it. I’m def willing to part with it for this righteous cause!
  4. I have the book “from tales beneath your mom” still in mint condition. Pretty cool book that I think Anne Hoppus put together? I’d give that up as a prize if you guys think that would be cool
  5. Start a band and I’ll be your #1 fan!
  6. Yes. Nothing better than a starving artist!
  7. Right! I mean I could think of many ways to fit that paycheck into my schedule lol.
  8. It doesn’t have to be an argument. Sheesh. Also it’s not nonsense in my opinion, still making it seem like he’s doing better than he is with your verbiage. Not trying to bicker back and forth about it tho
  9. I know and I’m not picking on your overall statement I’m just doing what I do
  10. Still an easy way to pad his stats so to speak by saying “higher notes” as if he’s doing something great lol. Although I know you’re still taking it with a grain of salt , I’m just sayin
  11. This melts my heart…coming from the guy who flamed someone for wondering what type of cancer Mark had…you are reassured because Tom specified it’s a treatable type of cancer.
  12. Lol I’m down. Coming in at a hot 180 pounds right now I think. Was at 182 not long ago haha
  13. Yea I would love to! I am not the best at organizing and planning and basically just forgot about the last few. I’d love to smoke and see everyone’s beautiful faces!
  14. That’s because you can barely hear the mic. Still sounds like absolute dog shit. Guess Tom lovers are gonna convince themselves otherwise though lol
  15. Lol I just came back to read the board and was like what asshole crabbed this lovely quote? 🤦🏼‍♂️
  16. Damn I didn’t mean to crab this quote. Must have fat thumbed it yesterday. Just changed it though
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