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  1. 23 minutes ago, Radioactive Ghent said:

    I specifically remember driving in my parents car in 1999 and loved hearing WMAA on the radio. Then ATST came out and got even bigger. I didn't like it nearly as much, but still enjoyed

    Then a couple years later I heard Dammit for the first time from a friend and my blink obsession officially began.

    What's my age again was the song that made me fall in love with Blink. My mom bought me enema and wouldn't let me have it at first, so gave me Buddha and Dude Ranch instead šŸ˜‚

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Low Value Boy said:

    Swear we have the shittest luck with cup draws sometimes.Ā 

    Last year we knocked out City and then drew Man United.

    This time we get Arsenal in the 4th round...be nice to have a decent run until at least the Quarters for once...

    We have been pretty shit this season, despite not losing. Looking at the squad we put out last night I'm surprised we got through. At least City were knocked out last night.Ā 

  3. 2 minutes ago, More Jan You Know said:

    But also find a new youtuber because that guy was making light of Mark getting cancer and it really irked me. He's also holier than thou.Ā  Just was watching his video today oddly enough.Ā 

    Yeah massive cunt making that statement at the end of the video. Some things shouldn't be joked about or said in jest.

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  4. 4 minutes ago, DanFramptonSuperFan said:

    I didnā€™t get into blink because of sappy piano ballads, lol. That being said every artist should try and do things they havenā€™t done before so Iā€™m not hating on it. The lyrics and meaning are cool and I think the main draw for that song.Ā 

    That's fair but I think they nailed it, the ballad of Blink-182

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