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  1. Axe and all mods ordered. Going for this! Huge thanks to @daveyjones @blinkstillrules for the help! (And I'll need more)
  2. Gotcha, I will see what I can do. Are we also confident he used the red strat on CC? We really do need a gear run down album by album for the history books.
  3. What are we trying to figure out?
  4. I have no clue what any of the lossless/kbps stuff means tbh, is there a nice article or YouTube comparison video so that I can learn to be very picky about old ripped demos? lol
  5. He said on Twitch the other day that they "have roughly 10 songs for the new album in various stages". I'm still wondering if this will be an EP/LP or both. If there are several collabs it seems an EP would be a cool fit for those. Trav has stepped his game up significantly on the producing side, even if he isn't credited as a producer he certainly will bring that skill set to the sessions.
  6. Not scheduled yet, but I do think it will happen!
  7. I'm not putting AI ahead of any blink albums. I'll give Dookie the edge vs. Buddha and it stops there.
  8. I felt the same way on that one, but given the length just couldn't give GD the W. Feeling This was lucky to go up against First Time, that is the only Untitled song that would win that matchup.
  9. If I go track by track and choose that way: 1. Feeling This vs. First Time = Feeling This 2. Obvious vs. Happy Days = Happy Days 3. I Miss You vs. Heaven = Heaven 4. Violence vs. Darkside = Darkside 5. Stockholm vs. BIOMY = Stockholm 6. Down vs. GD = Down 7. The Fallen vs. Run Away = Run Away 8. Go vs. Black Rain = Go 9. Asthenia vs. IRWIHY = Asthenia 10. Always vs. PTG = PTG 11. Easy Target vs. NHTSO = NHTSO 12. All of This vs. Ransom = Ransom 13. Heres Your Letter vs. OSES = HYL 14. Im Lost Without You vs. Hungover You = Hu
  10. Yeah I think recency bias and a lot of those songs being played out to me makes a huge impact on my decision. I know they are most proud of Untitled, and it's an incredible album - but I'll take several other blink albums over it all day.
  11. NINE > Untitled imho.
  12. Trav says the new album is "60% done" mentions collabs with Grimes and Uzi (this is one of the songs produced by Pharrell): https://www.kerrang.com/the-news/travis-barker-talks-blink-182-collabs-with-grimes-lil-uzi-vert-and-pharrell-says-new-album-is-60-per-cent-done/
  13. I mentioned I had a similar thought and discussed this with @daveyjones, since those white tape stickers are about as generic and common as it gets we don’t think it’s wise to assume any correlation. Also the fonts don’t match and if Kung Fu owned Buddha at that point I don’t think they’d put “Filter Records” on the tape still.
  14. I had no clue how Discord worked, but there’s multiple “channels” (they’re hashtagged). The “General English” one is always a bit of a crap shoot, but Mark is usually pretty active and responsive in the blink/HMNIM/Pokémon channels. He’s dropped major gems in the private “Twitch Subscriber” channel (you get access if subscribed to his Twitch). It’s a great positive place, I’d lurk first to get a feel for the vibe and obviously be respectful.
  15. That’s sick dude!!! How long do these take you? Would love to see a time lapse of this.
  16. Tom seems super happy and is working on new music, that's all that matters.
  17. He butchers the guitar riff twice immediately, then the vocals are flat and just awful. I totally agree that if you’re there it’s amazing and doesn’t matter, but on video looking back I’m in shock at how bad Tom sounds in that. (It’s been awhile since I’ve watched him in blink videos I guess) A lot of Tom’s “inspired guitar riffs” live are actually him not caring and messing up/around imho lol.
  18. Couldn’t even make it through that Not Now performance and that’s one of my fav blink songs of all time. That was baaaaad.
  19. I feel like we knew this like 2 years ago and they somehow kept it on the down low lol. Happy for him!
  20. It’s probably the highest profit margin and easy to produce so I get it, I gotta give it up to them for continuously coming up with so many designs with a simple “AVA” text tbh. I like that Chasing Shadows colored hoodie.
  21. I mean I love Tom/AVA/TTS and support pretty much everything they put out, but I just can’t get behind the seasonal clothing line stuff from bands over and over. (Esp without music to go along with!)
  22. All I ask for is common decency, you shouldn’t have to have “thick skin” to post here nor met at the door with jabs. I’m here to talk about blink, and new people who stumble across the site will be too.
  23. It’s spam and completely unnecessary, and to be completely honest a big reason why I don’t hang here much anymore and am embarrassed to even point people this way.
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