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  1. the plot... thomas'ing anyway heres my rection https://imgur.com/a/WRdeSxm (not save for work)
  2. lol before u posted i had already liked ur post lmfao
  3. lol aint it funny the guy who wrote "stay together for the kids" is splitting up to focus on finding alions and build make belief type of scam organization so yeaaarrss ur holiday hope u enjoy it this time i neeeeed to find alionss...
  4. lol this really shows the small mind of certain members in here right there i make 3 funny post and they react in the bitchiest, most womanly way(worst than their own parents lmfao the cringe, even their dumb parents would be embarrassed about their response) and no this doesnt include oliver Oliver looks like a genius compared to these very mentally "ungifted" said members speaking of oliver he's realy matured in recent months its good to see that his flash lights days are way beyond him and he's looking ahead to become a better and more productive member of society thumbs up @Donald Trump's Bulge
  5. look at that hoe! its davey j'hoe he only likes blink of the past because to him the past is what comes first... not last
  6. well, oliver as always brought it up with that "i know this would be really shocking if i told what i know" type of attitude so it must be big
  7. lol speedo as never been the brigthiest bulb light in the room... lol the sharpiest tool in my shed!
  8. oliver, i gotta ask you or you ever gonna tell who tom cheated jen with i feel like ur realy holding on to something solide of a major importance in the tom saga i think you would do this whole board and including urself a favor if u just told the three first later of her or his name
  9. i just hope "toimeee" tommy can re do is life he doesnt deserv this... none of it! after all the great riff he's given to blink and t-rav-is and marquee trowing him out like that when all he wanted was go to the stars! show indignate bunch the matt mark and feldy show has become sadens me greatly
  10. damnit mark why did you outsource blink?
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