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  1. https://youtu.be/yergWdn968o
  2. I listen to some electrical stuff and to a lot of cloud rap or trap shit..that's why the lyrical influences..But check out com truise..he has the best electronical space beats on earth..soo good
  3. im confused what it has to do with this thread.i Think everyone should be free to use his slang..When people listen to my sings and say it's a no go, then they shouldnt listen just ignore..its simple
  4. neger is racist word, nigger is a nick name so legal
  5. listen up, I gave this interview in the hope that people understand my point, not to get asked shit and proof the same crap over and over..The guy who interviewed me asked me to sign In here and I didnt want cuz I know this hateful community for many years, but I did in the hope cuz of some understanding.. ..here are just a few thousand normal people but the rest is in my eyes for ass..The good ones are on my side, the haters still can suck my dick..It change nothing when u hate me..it doesnt change the situation, it doesn't change my look or the person who I'm or my career..So fuck it..U only put more fuel in the fire and it never will go out..So dont waste ur lifetime..just better go out of the virtuality, look ln the mirror and start analyzing your fucking life..cuz I have a life and I wont try to battle V.s every stupid kid who talks about originality, but is the faggot himself..So leave me alone with this bullshit..I said my part.. now it's up to you what u belive or not..I'm out Hombres 😎
  6. dude idk where u live in ur mind but just write in Google breast sleeve tattoo u will find a milliard
  7. u must be blind to say I ripped any of his tatts off Haha.. Its stupid and retarded to search fo reasons to fuck up someone..I can also make the same with you and ride you in some shit..To say I ripped designs off cuz it's the same theme is the same when u say, everyone with a skateboard is Tony hawk..
  8. first off all I dont have Tom's breast tattoo and again not any of his tattoos..2nd I guess u dont use instragram or u have no idea..I know over 20 people from some fucked iOS countries who stole 1:1 his tattoo and that's fucked up
  9. here is a close up of my eyebrows, I burn them daily off with my firelighter since I startes smoking in chain
  10. cant belive my natural look is so unbelievable..did u never hear, everyone of us exists for like 5 times in every skin color..there is also a black and yellow Tom delonge..they just never noticed cuz maybe their personality or mind is so different that they even never tried to listen to the punkrock
  11. im for Eintracht Frankfurt soccer team, they play Europa league today against lissabon
  12. cant belive my natural look is so unbelievable..did u never hear, everyone of us exists for like 5 times in every skin color..there is also a black and yellow Tom delonge..they just never noticed cuz maybe their personality or mind is so different that they even never tried to listen to the punkrock
  13. I mean I'm not here to talk about body hair..wtf..I told u I never plugged my eyebrows I'm not gay..people put everything on the golden weight just to say in the End " aahh I knew you even plug ur eyebrows to be tom" wtf it's so childish
  14. i mean even this trash Latino Rapper 69, Who is Latino or whatever says the N word in every song..what the fuck ...its okay..its for this hombres
  15. eyebrows come and go with age..I dont have to shave or cut them..its same when u have a beard like a pussy, then u grow and u get a menly beard..I had nice bushy eyebrows like Ben Affleck when I was 16..then I got older and fater and some hair fell out..moving them is a part of my facial expression..of course when people see my vids they even ask how many plastic surgeries I had to improve this dude..but the only thing I edit was the Powerstance and the blow job/moves from Boomer..
  16. I just answer questions, it's because of my bands single..I definated it honestly without attacking anyone..
  17. then she wouldnt be my wife
  18. listen up yooo..when u would know me in real life, u would know I have no reason to talk things nice..I dont give a fuck about races..There are black ,white and yellow idiots, no matter where u come from, it never gives u a right to hate a skin color or a race..I only hate religion, cuz its radical and I hate society meanings..u guys can think what u want..but nigger is no longer a racist word for me..if I say I kill all nigger, its racist..but when I meet my black homies and we call eachother nigger, like "nigger what r u talking about, I beat ur ass up" it's our slang..maybe it can get wrong in the states (what I even tried and it went good) it doesnt mean that it's a no go in other countries..Nigger for us means like bro or homie
  19. Connor's right..youre a fucking gay country kid Whos Parents Made the mistake to name you like the most fucked up President on this planet..Congratulations..you're an asshole
  20. as long as people like you exist who gives this 1830 meanings still a name it will exist
  21. I'm never for cutting people off..let them talk till they burn out like a star to dust..
  22. are you this fucking creepy Donald beck Dude who stalks me everywhere and writes me creepy messages ?Hidden behind a fucking Female gender account which shows ur real mind? U damn psycho..u creep me out..if u are really this guy, this community should know that you are a real fucking psycho
  23. I'm from ukrain and English is my 3rd language..in my free time I never speak with English speaking people live..its something else to write shit than to speak live..many complicated words that I need to bring out the sense from the stuff that I'm saying arent in my mind, so have to Google them..I mean I allready wrote that im Russian speaking, but then I moved to Germany with 6 and learned my 2.nd language, which I speak now better than Russian.But then came English..I mean the most American can speak only their language and at the west coast some words Hispanic, but making fun of me, when i make grammer mistakes..
  24. maybe she is underfucked or has her period LOLz
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