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  1. To save some of my favorites I’ll vote enthused!!😭
  2. To save some of my favorites unfortunately my vote is Josie
  3. If anyone is a fan of Quentin Tarantino, Once upon a time in Hollywood was a pretty decent film. But the last movie I watched was American pie, always gonna be my favorite!
  4. Unfortunately I'll cast my vote for Lemmings! I don't wanna lose Emo
  5. I believe so I mean it may be on hold especially with all the advancements To The Stars is currently making. However I believe we'll still get something from a live action version! but i'm more excited about the doc peter mckinnon is working on because I was able to see three show on this last tour and I know he's going to do a phenomenal job on this!
  6. That's very accurate to what he told me no joke lol!!! I'm telling you, and he's so animated when he talks. I can never get enough from him! plus the poet comics aren't too shabby either!
  7. "Parent's stood in disbelief" - A little's enough, WDNTW
  8. Mainly about the book, I really enjoy all of his work even outside the music cause I knew he didn't wanna hear about Blink lol, So he told me about the origins of Poet anderson His story on that has never changed, the idea came to him while he was in a hotel in paris. and I also got a little info On macbeth his shoe line.
  9. It was pretty eventful tbh, long story short, I heard about his book signing for Poet anderson ...Of Nightmares, at the time I was 15 with no car and basically no money, Nevertheless I bought two tickets so that way I could persuade my mom to take me lol, I live in oklahoma so this was a 10+ hour drive, so I eventually over the next two months scrounged together the money for the trip, we drove through the night to chicago. But the event was at a bookstore in downers grove called Andersons ( I think) like 15 minutes outside of chicago, So we got there that day around 5pm there was probably clo
  10. They were fabulous weren’t they?!!!!
  11. Thanks for the reply! I was mainly referring to the album ranks. But I do appreciate the feedback on the reactions as well.
  12. I’m just curious how the ranking system works, and what the requirements are to promote? Any, and all help is greatly appreciated!
  13. I had a chance of meeting Tom at his book signing in October 2015 and I wouldn't trade that experience for anything else, I had about a 3 minute conversation. I wouldn't trade that day for the world!!!!! I know that's not related to the tour but it was still as incredible.
  14. Thank god somebody understands!!!!!
  15. I'm in love with their new music!!! It sounds great on vinyl as well, I bought a few of the 7'' when they were on sale!
  16. Damn that's a hard choice lol. I'll have to go with lemmings!!! I'm prepared for the hate, but I can't vote out untitled.
  17. I won't be home for christmas!!! As much as I love this song Dude Ranch is my favorite album.
  18. Is it just me or has anyone else made the connection between TOYPAJ’ story of a lonely guy, and TOMS book “The Lonely Astronaut” 🙃

    1. Kay


      Lonely astronaut seems closer to Asthenia than SOALG

    2. WolfUgly


      That is very true but i meant the lyrics "so read my book with a boring ending, a short story of a lonely guy"!!!! I don't know, it may not have anything tied in to it but It certainly has been on my mind.

    3. Kay


      I doubt it's intentional but it's a cute idea actually, never considered that! 

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