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  1. Cacophony!!!!! -re-edit I meant to say that’s the one I want to win my vote is to rule out touchdown boy
  2. I have a question for atom, If he was still with the band, do you think we would have received an album such as the dream walker, or would it have been steered in a completely different direction?
  3. Good solid shit man!!!!! I absolutely love the podcast. You've definitely got my attention. I'll be listening to every one of them
  4. I assure you with confidence it was the 12th!!!! i'm celebrating all day with my love shirt and sour patch kids!
  5. I can't believe they're going to vote out Ben Wah Balls that should be the winner, or toast and Bananas. My vote goes to TV!!!!!!
  6. Totally unrelated to Mark's Mom's Lasagna, or bootlegs but i'm really excited TMTATS is on streaming platforms!!!! especially since i've worn out my record and CD.
  7. That was a ton of fun!!! It really had me listening to Dude Ranch just like I heard it for the first time.👨‍🌾
  8. Bless your soul for this! That is interesting to see laid out
  9. I feel that, plus sometimes it's a lot more fun to be able to find it in store and not order it, maybe it's just me.
  10. DAAAAAANG Well I think I have to Vote for Dammit. sorry but pathetic is better imo!
  11. I'm not sure how you feel about ebay, But they have a few offers for this vinyl for $19.99 with free shipping. I'd look there!
  12. I'm telling you these final three are cutthroat!
  13. Not gonna lie though i'm very happy EMO made it to the final 5
  14. Damn you're right for some reason I thought "Body" was the last but that's dope because so far that's my favorite one. Very underappreciated band!
  15. I'm with you on this one!!! I had dabbled with their music awhile back but when I finally saw them live I gained a lot more respect for TNR as well as Illan!!! I'm excited all the ep's are finally out!!!
  16. I'm stoked I was able to pink up a neon pink vinyl yesterday and I love the album!!! It's not groundbreaking or Grammy worthy but I do believe it's a taste of what's to come on the next LP!
  17. It would be nice to hear some DR tracks played live like EMO, or even Waggy!!!!!
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