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  1. Its the chad and stacy you can get behind. Here we go:
  2. when we have the next zoom meetup, would you go with me? con tutto il dovuto respetto
  3. When it comes to the burning man crowd i forget that i'm usually too lazy to take care of myself. Rather get the prelubed tube than whatever is there, hehehe. Hear that @_Bagel ? I said I'd rather get the fleshlight than a burning man hippie, hehehe.
  4. Whats this supposed to be? Some kind of sick joke?
  5. as if you didn't have it printed onto a pillow.
  6. What does dead board even mean. We have a best video competition, the David Kennedy thread and a member posted nudes. What more do you want? Spoiled fucking rotten.
  7. David Kennedy the type of guy to make 102 cents seem like a LOT
  8. David Kennedy the type of guy to cash in on his internship­čĺ¬
  9. i mean he does have the 4.78/5 rating Tom Delphine Belle Delonge. IT'S MEANT TO BE!!! https://men.wikifeet.com/Thomas_DeLonge
  10. Why? I thought we were both proud victim blamers?
  11. Good point. It's like ,Duh?! A habitual scammer isn't a bad person.if you get scammed its your own fault for being a teenager. AVA= Deans Jewelry Bonanza
  12. Def! We got some really good musicians here, always cool to check out
  13. Depf

    Useless Friends

    Fierce. I shall shag to this
  14. I don't really see what me being childishly upset over the mini hype letdown that is "new Bcr" has got to do with who bought what for how much.
  15. the fuck outta here covid. he waits to see how many he can sell for sure. min risk, full reward. Even if it was Jorge and G├╝nther and not Li that pressed it and put a big T as a autograph on it, thats still a shitty way to spend 70$. Fuckers got our hopes up for new songs yet again and i need to vent. no lols here, i have the full popped out vein + german accent going atm.
  16. But was it ordered 6 months in advance so that it could be pressed super cheap in china? Well at least this is several leagues below the stars scam. Please never leave Skiba, we love you. we need you
  17. Down is everything that sucks about untitled era blink. Darkside is everything i love about new blink.
  18. i fear what a drugged up speedo close to midnight would post. i cant/won't compete with that.
  19. 50:50 video and that beautiful bridge. Its really a toss up for me between josie and wmaa. Josie has the slightly better video though. Scott > travis milano + davey = lindemulder. Fucking hell. Did Mtv really lead me down a path where its inevitable for me to talk foot fetishism on a blink board?
  20. See, thats part of the problem. Wmaa got me into blink. a Josie live performance was on the single and that was the song i kept on repeat. Seeing half naked Tom Mark and Travis with one eye next to lindemulder in stockings was a big part of my onsetting puberty. Its my go to argument (next to the gay goldfish) that all things lgbt are most likely genetic. if it was conditioning i'd probably have some weird hosiery/blink feti.... I'll get my coat.
  21. Josie has to win this 1. funny 2. OG lineup 3. one of their very best songs 4. alyssa milano 5. daveyjones
  22. I never really liked the rock show or flangers until i was trippin bawlz to them in 2004. good shit.
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