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  1. Laura jane grace accuses musicians of being unloyal attention whores. The balls on this lady, jesus
  2. We get new material, everyone is involved and you have the nerve to talk it down. OH!!!! i love it. Sure, theres this wholly unnecessary side plot. But it's what you have to put in there these days. That we didn't get some J.k. Rowling retcon is all I asked for. Cut it down to 60 minutes and look at what it is. Perfect fan service episode. I was smiling every other minute and theres some great acting in there. So what this movie isn't for people who havent watched the series. Those folk have other problems in life. Us of the inner circle got a whole new perspective on the series. El camino was the drizzling shits, where as this is a love letter to the borko comment section If this is the start of a new series then a salut.
  3. he had that feature with this uber talented english chic, thanks for the reminder!
  4. my last 10. looks kinda schizo. veysel - bargeld nas - got yourself a gun nirvana - school misfits - Hybrid moments mötley crew - dr feelgood get dead-- disruption smiley Lewis- i hear you knockin ramones - poison heart van halen - aint talkin bout love the ronettes -be my baby
  5. Leo Dehoe is a east euro weirdo living in germany that loves footjobs and tom delonge. Fucking A

  6. @_Bagel tell @Elisa I sent for her, sent for her. Make that coffee to go. I wanna watch ASAP. Post watch sitdown in our usual goomar night time slot?
  7. This reminds me of how Darkside is totally a bad religion song
  8. Craving some English snuff & American Marlboros 

  9. Ha, the sun is shining today
  10. 10:00ff I was expecting to hear something about CPU Goddess Blueheart of Neptunia. Cliff notes : our souls are antennas and what you think ,you experience in the past, present and future. This is basic physics!
  11. Am I the only one here that thinks this is the best Tom since 2004? And that modern blink beats reunion blink? I think these are great times for blink fans!
  12. Not that I know, sorry, but from Stockholm you can go to most EU cities for one empire club membership
  13. How far are you from Stockholm are you? We might be able to arrange a bagel meet and greet @ ava show.
  14. 1. ears that rate imagine dragons 2. ears that were not present. Obligatory jk, we're having fun and I'm incentivising (is that a word) going to gigs.
  15. Thats harsh. I think we need brit slang here. Tom went from insane asshole to bonkers bellend.
  16. We should give this an update. What would we call him though? conscious tom?
  17. There is a direct link between matter, religion and gravity
  18. 110hp, 2 Liter,Carbed😎 This is important. Opel Manta is love,Manta GTE is life.
  19. This I can agree with. It's easy to say things with hindsight but I felt this was , in contrast to 2003, in many spots the result of people pulling in different directions instead of different people pulling in one. I'm bad with metaphors. 04 blink was exciting,09 it was a job imo. The context of the album etc obviously plays a huge role for me.For better or worse,there are turds I cherish and mediocre cds that I would gladly trade for cancer in the asshole.
  20. I honestly couldn't give a fuck a about your favorite album,I was talking about blink concert goers.
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