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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNvfInSqrqf/?igshid=1dekbm70rve7c
  2. scott is still our bae though
  3. Starting to really doubt that his very first guitar (given to him/found in the trash) was this one. Even if those kids were at least upper middle class, it seems unlikely that a guitar that was introduced to the market in 1989 would just be thrown away. While cheap, they were still branded guitars. (cf. https://www.fuzzfaced.net/squier-korea-plywood.html) The great news about this is this : If it is indeed a 89 Korean Squier you can make a great replica super cheap today. I'm willing to bet that basically all guitars you can get in the 100-200€ range are made just as well an
  4. Soo......anybody in the mood to identify all the stickers? This is THE cheshire car guitar. We should all build one and shmeoke a beowl about it.
  5. we should totally start a spotify playlist or two.
  6. Kraftklub - Schüsse in die Luft Feine Sahne Fischfilet - Alles auf Rausch Sportfreunde Stiller - Ein Kompliment Die Ärzte - Zu spät Selig - Schau, Schau the current driving playlist. enjoy
  7. yes, what i meant is that (at least to my knowledge) the s8 had its stage debut in the les paul. thanks for the pics! oh man, if tom just played some stock mexican standard strat through a marshall from 92-14 we'd probably would have achieved peace in the middle east or cured aids. or found extra ter...not going there
  8. Wait, how did Jon get those?🤯 I'd guess that it really doesn't matter whether the jb and x2n were changed at the same time. To my (limited) knowledge the SH8 debuted on stage in the Les Paul. So hot rails/jb jr/x2n as the setup people heard and saw, destickered hot rails/demon/invader when it was already in the closet.
  9. Sex is basically like pizza or blink. Even when its not so great it's still quite good.
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