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  1. checked my pictures, at least on the 04 tour he mic'ed 1 2x12 and 1 4x12. the other 4 cabs are monitors at best. i gotta admit, i do have a bit of a marshall wall fetish. dummy cab> distracting LED display or whatever edit: man those 1998 shows are peak blink for me. thanks for reminding me of those
  2. It's a strat. With stickers. and a black humbucker;) i don't think its all that important which Marshall you choose to sound like tom. Most 900s have diode clipping and are very different distorted but he used the all tube dual reverb and set it up quite clean. All the gain on the clean channel IRRC. The thing is, the famous tan recto and 900... i never seen them past EOTS. just the cabs. and fotos of jmps/triaxis going into a marshall el34 power amp. I can't get my head around the fact that no guitar tech from that time has ever been interviewed.... @Ry-Bread
  3. maybe just a Studio thing, but on the live album adams song sounds a bit modulated. very subtle flange/chorus. i only ever got to see them in 04, by that time it was flanger galore and fuck... the tone was incredible. surprisingly little gain too.
  4. ah man, if this was a regional board i'd have you and your rig over for pizza and Soundcheck asap. tom used the 900 dual reverb right? quite different to the other 900s and basically 800 with the ability to go cleaner. i bet recto+800 is dead on. when did he stop using the marshalls anyway? ive seen pictures of rackpreamps and what not. but starting around 2001 all you see is the mesa cabs and who knows what went in them. what happened to the amp thread? all dead foto links. bummer
  5. Just the classic 2203 into a v30 loaded 2x12" . more gain than i'd ever need, especially if high output PUs or the screamer are at play. dude ranch is my fav album but man, the EOTS tone is to die for. i would love to someday get a mini recto and a/b/y it with the jcm. i really hope @Ry-Bread keeps up the good work and we get to find out more about the guitars used pre untitled album. sorry for the off topic banter haha
  6. makes total sense. makes me wonder how close my boosted jcm and your ampeg are. i'd expect them to be almost equal...minus the fact that the knobs on the marshall don't do much and make an EQ pedal necessary lol
  7. It was undoubtedly marketed towards young teens but the intro was awesome and so is the song about the joy of suicide. The balls on those pricks
  8. I'd think Matt is the obvious choice. Surely down to do it and theres tons of interesting questions to ask him. Lets show him some love
  9. ok that sounds like rather than turning up the mids i personally would change the frequency to 2 or even 1. But like i said that is only what i personally hear and since i do not own an ampeg (just a jcm 800) its all guessing on my part. i have to say though, i would not be surprised if the dude ranch amp was actually either a boosted 800 or a 900. the bottom end, while very present and full, sounds very focused which suggests some sort of diode clipping to tighten a otherwise overwhelming low end. The tone is full of bass, but not mud. @daveyjones do you remember any sort of bo
  10. if married men can relive the shameful act of toilet masturbation to enhance the house of the dead 2 experience,then mark can surely have a rahmen noodles diet to recreate the mood needed to write another lemmings
  11. i hope for all our sake we never truly nail it. half the time i spend on my axe is turning EQ knobs. isn't the frequency knob on the ampeg the one which defines what frequencies the mid knob regulates? like i said, i feel the cut is in the upper mids. i'll try to post a pic of my grapic eq that i use to fine tune my amp which is set quite flat.
  12. dreamcast, light guns, EOTS, secrerly tucking Sables PB shoot in between a gaming magazine when going to the bathroom. Talk about yourself
  13. it is, for sure. Xenu knows what might get lost when mic-ing and compressing and what not anyway. all i'm saying is that if i plugged in your rig and tried to nail the tone i'd probably turn up the mids by 1 or 2. There surely is some mid scoop, but i get the best results by scooping higher mids and leaving the low mids and low end kinda.... full, round, natural, sweet. i'll get my coat
  14. i love how there are people on the blink182 forum of all places that can actually talk tone. usually it's "thunderous, syrupy, woody, dirty, wooly,organic" or some BS. I still think though you guys scoop your mids too much on your dude ranch soundalikes oops wrong thread
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