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  1. you know whats bullshit? Making a guitar and only asking to be bumped up to capo and then you're not even cheshire cat anymore.
  2. Depf


    Yep, we should replace those with Buzkashi or Eukonkanto. Real sports with a real following, unlike tennis or football. Crowd pleasers as they say.
  3. Depf


    yeah I really can't enjoy sports if i can't see the snot running out of a winners nose during the celebration. I know theres a pandemic and examples to be set and all, but i really don't get why my friends call me dumb-dumb
  4. Ein Blink Ein blinkboard Ein Tom
  5. It's gonna sound a lil'shitty probably
  6. That tiny cable disgusts me.
  7. The fuck did you say about my mother?
  8. Прекрати, Элиза. Я все равно вот-вот влюблюсь. У меня нет на это времени! @Speedoтакой маленький
  9. Я помогаю тебе! Я хозяин этого форума.
  10. Depf


    The high jump was some good , heartwarming shit. Good stuff.
  11. Управляй своими эмоциями, малыш!🍓
  12. you guys just arent creepy enough
  13. Chris Chan just got arrested for raping their mother :(

  14. or new whatever. the one where he destroys the strat because we wasn't on bored to death
  15. haha here are my genuine top 10 post blink tom songs 1. the adventure 2. kiss and tell 3. rebel girl 4. restless souls 5. new order 6.losing my mind 7. everythings magic 8. animals 9. the one time he played the blink medley 10. the other time he played it. This Tom is a whole league above what we got 15 years ago I challange anyone who disagrees to a dance off and anyone that agrees to dance with me
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