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  1. Whose leg do I have to hump to get some old school (pre) Blink 182 stuff? 😆 But seriously hit me up with what you got... $$$ available!
  2. Too much auto-tune. Not to mention they sound god awful live. I mean Blink 182 has never been the strongest live perfomers but now its at a point where it's starting to get on my nerves!
  3. Warped Tour ATL' 97... never seen this design before. Anyone?
  4. Wished I was there in '96... Just watching some old live performances on YouTube. I really miss this immature blink 182 attitude, where dick jokes still mattered 😁 Also I have to admit and this was always my impression Mark is actually a pretty fine singer. Tom... well that's another story. I get that a band has to grow and now close to 50 years old, I suppose you can't really make dick jokes anymore or can you!? Also just looking at their recent live performances (e.g. darkside), I'm a bit lost for words. I mean Matt's voice, damn!
  5. @Thibaut182 Thanks for the heads up! BTW, that's one hell of a signed poster.
  6. First show ever I had the exact same feeling! After that it was just downhill for me or maybe just a more sober (no pun intended) experience. Sure I still loved seeing them live and yes being in a crowd with hundres of like-minded fans is a blast. I remember one time their opening act was Motion City Soundtrack and during another concert The All American Rejects. The latter stole the show for me, great performance not to mention Tyson Ritter's voice was spot-on. I'm curious about Green Day though, what happened? I've seen them during their Revolution Radio Tour and it was one of the best
  7. Looking for anything pre-blink 182. If you got something for sale please hit me up by pm. Thank you!
  8. Getting ready for the heat... Blink 182 introduced me to the world of punk rock or as some sophisticated cats like to call it punk pop. Enema of the State was the first Album I ever bought; as a careless 15-year old adolescent. Since then the band has been a constant part of my life. I was lucky enough to catch them live 3-4 times so far. I live in europe so chances are rather slim. However I have to admit every time sucked. They play their set which lasts approx. one hour, crack some jokes (pre Matt Skiba) and get off stage. That's it! The only time they did something close to an en
  9. New guy here, long time blink 182 fan. T-Shirt signed by Mark and Scott during the "Wasting Time" AU tour in '96. Legit? Scott signature looks good to me. Thanks for the help!
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