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  1. Ha ha. Guess I should've said, "Before I move On," or nothing at all.
  2. What comes to mind about his weirdness is something I recalled in an interview Rob Perelman (old Blink website owner) did with the 182news podcast. His first interactions with Travis (not long after he joined Blink) was him basically repeatedly having to reintroduce himself to Travis every time they saw each other since apparently Travis kept acting like he never met him. He later found out after Travis was injured and in the hospital at the time (1999-2000) that Travis was pissed at him over a misunderstanding regarding his appearance in the Blink website promoting Enema of the State. Rob emailed to him, Cleared it up, confronted him about his behaviour towards him, and Travis' response to it was something like, "Hey it's cool man, I wasn't pissed out you, but there was just some weirdness between you and me is all," or to that effect. Next time they saw each other, Travis Was like the Nicest guy ever to him from then on. So yeah, he certainly had some weirdness and perhaps some awkwardness to him back then. Granted, this was only one instance I can think of for it, but I thought it was worth bringing up. Here's the Link and Time stamp about the whole thing if you're curious. 1:11:57
  3. I don't think it was that much, but yeah, heh heh. 😅
  4. That's fair. Though I do think this one in particular is perhaps different to what you may have experienced. Yeah, I wouldn't know about his other vids. I've only seen this one of his on MJ, and I think he's pretty much dead-on with the facts and his points in it. Though he is admittedly a bit of a slog to get through.
  5. I'm ready to move on from the MJ subject too (since this is a Blink thread after all), so I'll leave off with this. If anyone here cares to know and is genuinely curious about what happened, has Doubts on his "Crimes" or Innocence, or is firm on their belief that he is a Pedophile and a Child Abuser; I implore you to do research on your own time (if you care), And watch/ or listen to videos in defence of Michael that go beyond the "sympathy of his childhood" rhetoric; that actually tackles the allegations and accusations against him. This one's not a bad place to start; pretty much quickly summarizes most of this, while providing links to see more in the description. This guy did a 3 part Video that talks about and debunks all the main Allegations against him, including the 2 trials, and the Leaving Neverland "Documentary". Although this one only pertains to the 2 accusers from Leaving Neverland, if you're looking for something that isn't one-sided, This one is the most Neutral and Objective viewpoint regarding Michael Jackson. You are free to think he's weird, that's fine. But you would do well to dig deeper and be more informed on the subject than simply being fed Damning Misinformation from medias that had their credibilities on this topic dismantled. That is all.
  6. But No One stops Bringing him up.
  7. Talented and Calculating? Yes. An Abuser? No. No children were known to have been harmed in any fashion, Physically and/or Mentally; nor have expressed much dissatisfaction with their time with Michael. The only 4 (out of the Dozens, if not hundreds that have spent time with him) to have come out and said as such, 2 were disproven in the court of law; the other 2, who later in their adult lives only not too long ago made allegations against him to his Estate, had there Narratives challenged and constantly altered for validation, to no avail. Not to mention, one of the "victims" that I mentioned who later made allegations, Wade Robson, had testified in defence Of Michael of his own accord back in the 2005 trial. Macaulay Culkin, who also spent time with Michael as a child, was also a witness in Michael's defence who denied and debunked anything about any alleged abuse or molestation that had taken place (at least in regards to him). Yeah, I'm not gonna deny that, while somewhat understandable, it's a rather flimsy view in regards to his defence. I don't blame anyone who's seen that across multiple people who defend Michael Jackson to have further doubts on him.
  8. Yes, but the thing is with the sleepover thing is that he would lend the bed (which is Massive btw) to the kids while he sleeps on the floor. Apparently it was also said that he would get anxious if the kids asked to sleep with him (and Rightfully so). Also to note, it's not just children that were there, it's entire families including siblings and parents too. Not to mention his Bedroom (one of many) that he had sleepovers in is literally the size of a house. Having a theme park is undoubtedly eccentric, but that's less being a P3do than being Rich and doing whatever the heck you want.
  9. Except Michael Jackson wasn't actually one himself. All accusations and media coverage pertaining to it were debunked and proven false. Even then, there's literally no iota of evidence for it, and he was declared Innocent from all the charges brought against him. Don't know much about Bowie and Elvis though, so I can't say.
  10. Needless to say, Flyswatter, Demo#2, and Uranus EP should be available as well, especially the original Buddha with the other missing tracks like Degenerate, The Family Next Door and Transvestite.
  11. And this Version of Mutt with Scott that has the ending found on the Enema version. Plus Tom's guitar lines are different in the verses.
  12. Don't know if this counts, but An early Version of Family Reunion (or what would be) where Mark Raps.
  13. Here's also the The Country Song (from I believe the Japanese Version of DR) live with Scott.
  14. This Person did a pretty good job covering and compiling some of the lost tracks from this era into one Upload.
  15. The thing is with that Documentary in Particular is that it captured Metallica at a low Point from 2001-2003 as they were seemingly on the verge of Breaking-up. The movie shows them trying to get through this period on top of trying to make an album. If you want something like the Untitled Documentary from Metallica, I recommend watching A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica; it shows them Making the Black Album from 1991. They also have Videos of the Making of their 2 Recent albums, Death Magnetic And Hardwired... To Self-Destruct. Mostly Good Vibes in those, at least compared to Some Kind of Monster.
  16. Same thing With me, but with 39/Smooth. Though Nimrod ain't too bad either.
  17. Or Their Earlier stuff like Opiate and Undertow, which is a lot more straightforward rock.
  18. This is a really good breakdown of Dammit. I didn't know about the Bass fill in the bridge.
  19. I think it would cool if they one day, along reissuing all these albums for a set of some sort, include the making of their music videos and other rare clips from those eras. Kinda like what Metallica did for their deluxe box sets of their classic albums.
  20. 2023-2028 Blink Gets inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. The 2 songs they'll play are Dammit (With Scott on Drums), and I Miss You, With Matt Doubling on Guitar for both. Idk who'll induct them though. Sometime after that, Blink will do a One-off Show, reuniting the Original line-up with Scott, maybe under a different name. They'll only play songs from Chesire Cat and Dude Ranch, Maybe throw in some Curve-balls in there too from Buddha and Uranus or somthing else. And it'll be at either SOMA (more Likely of the 2), or The Hollywood Palladium.
  21. Scott > Travis Travis era <<<<<< Blink would've been Huge whether or not they had Scott, Travis, or any other great drummer after Scott. As Long as they can hit it off with Mark and Tom, then Major success was all in spades for them.
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