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  1. Or Their Earlier stuff like Opiate and Undertow, which is a lot more straightforward rock.
  2. This is a really good breakdown of Dammit. I didn't know about the Bass fill in the bridge.
  3. I think it would cool if they one day, along reissuing all these albums for a set of some sort, include the making of their music videos and other rare clips from those eras. Kinda like what Metallica did for their deluxe box sets of their classic albums.
  4. 2023-2028 Blink Gets inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. The 2 songs they'll play are Dammit (With Scott on Drums), and I Miss You, With Matt Doubling on Guitar for both. Idk who'll induct them though. Sometime after that, Blink will do a One-off Show, reuniting the Original line-up with Scott, maybe under a different name. They'll only play songs from Chesire Cat and Dude Ranch, Maybe throw in some Curve-balls in there too from Buddha and Uranus or somthing else. And it'll be at either SOMA (more Likely of the 2), or The Hollywood Palladium.
  5. Scott > Travis Travis era <<<<<< Blink would've been Huge whether or not they had Scott, Travis, or any other great drummer after Scott. As Long as they can hit it off with Mark and Tom, then Major success was all in spades for them.
  6. I'd say Blink already did that with Time. And I think Tom said he felt with Dammit, they finally knew how to write a song, and that everything else were just, "Punk art pieces", or whatever he said.
  7. I made a similar comment when someone mentioned the chances of a Dude Ranch Reunion show.
  8. For a second there, I thought that was Tom Delonge in the middle here.
  9. I'm please to see him doing more pre-Enema songs. Though, so far he's been doing his songs from that period, and Lemmings is next too. Coincidence?
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