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  1. Yeah, I think you mean Under-appreciated. Underrated just means something that doesn't get enough recognition or credit than it should, or something along those lines.
  2. You Mean that the Song Is still great regardless of how popular it is and how people in here think otherwise, right?
  3. CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!!!! jk. Have you not been able to transfer and upload it online or just haven't gotten around to it? It's just weird that the only thing around online from that show is audio for when they performed Apple Shampoo. and also, Idk if he knew at that time it would be his last. Who can say what Scott was thinking at the time when he did that? Of course, I wasn't around that time, so what can I say?
  4. I'm Really curious to Know what Mark, Tom, and Scott thought about that Palladium show. And How There's no Footage of that concert available online Is Absolutely Beyond Criminal.
  5. Which M+M’s Video are you guys using? The release one, or the Banned version with the Guns, women, and Mentos?
  6. 03:41 Reminds me of the Story Tom told about the song Transvestite, how his Mom found about it.
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