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  1. Okay, but I'm just a little bewildered by him having credits on Dude Ranch afterwards, and the Buddha remaster months after he was kicked; not to mention that some of the Buddha songs are on Cheshire Cat too, but he doesn't get credited at all, aside from performance. Obviously, I know nothing about how that all goes down with Blink, but I just found it odd is all. Yes, please.
  2. I ask this because I was curious about Scott's contributions in terms of music, and that All other releases (Buddha remastered, Dude Ranch) has him share writing credits with Tom and Mark ("All tracks are Written by..."), but not Cheshire Cat. The only thing I found that could've factored into that was him having to leave the band after Recording of Cheshire Cat was finished. Just wondering.
  3. The Closest thing we'll ever get to seeing Reebok Commercial played live.
  4. Wondered if Mark and Scott ever got in touch with each other after news of Mark's cancer broke-out? I know there not friends anymore, but still.
  5. Was anyone else here aware of this or was this ever posted here?
  6. Iron Maiden, but Mostly for: - Paul Di'Anno/Scott Raynor appeared on the first 2 albums but had Left/fired due to Conflicts of Interest/Personal Differences. - Gained a member (Bruce Dickinson/Travis Barker) who would appear on the follow-up album that ended up being their Famous and Most Succesful album and Marked their Classic Eras Respectively. - Later had a major line-up change (Dickinson/Tom Delonge) and going through an Ungraceful period with their new member (Blaze Baley 1994-1999/Matt Skiba 2015-Now) - Said former member(s) pursued different interest in music and formed successful acts on their own (Dickinson solo/AVA). - Classic Line-up Reunions (Dickinson came back, Tom brought back Blink with Mark & Travis).
  7. I thought this version pretty cool, mostly becuase it had a completely different drum beat from the other versions.
  8. Fantastic Heavy/Prog Metal band.
  9. Given the Context, This is Appalling to look at. Especially the Scott videos that were just posted yesterday.
  10. One of the videos of that show was uploaded by one of the guitarist apparently.
  11. 100% if by the off chance one of them gets into a Plane Crash or something.
  12. First time we see Mutt played live I Take it?
  13. An Old Heavy Metal Band from the UK, idk if anyone's familar with them.
  14. Anyone know where this is from?
  15. That probably explains this then. https://thehardtimes.net/blog/we-interviewed-former-blink-drummer-scott-raynor-and-think-hes-got-a-great-chance-getting-hired-at-our-call-center/
  16. True, but Dammit and Josie were both Remixed and Edited for Radio Play, so I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to say it could be possible.
  17. Are you guys going by the regular version of NH, or the deluxe edition one? Cause I felt the Deluxe one, despite having more tracks, is a much more cohesive listen than the regular one. Mostly because having Snake Charmer and Heart's All Gone interlude come after After Midnight made it a much smoother transition to Heart's All Gone, where it builds right up to it instead of just jumping into it.
  18. That would've been my other choice too. - Live staple from that time - performed on TV in Australia (Recovery) - also an easy listen, pretty dynamic song and Tom may have had a successful single before All the Small Things.
  19. @daveyjones did you ever catch Blink after the Palladium show or you just left right after?
  20. lol I heard about that. What was the context to that? I read somewhere that afterwards, Tom was apparently blowing off steam and didn't really mean it. But Imagine that, If Brooks joined, we may see them play more DR & CC songs with Brooks Thrashing on the drums like Scott did in the early era.
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