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  1. supervic

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    Alcoholism does have operationally defined criteria... those used by clinicians and researchers in addictions. I doubt Mark would meet criteria for it, but there is the specifier of severity, and you can have a mild alcohol use disorder. So with the DUI thing.. it's not a problem unless you keep drinking despite problems you run into. "Alcohol is often taken in larger amounts or over a longer period than was intended. There is a persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control alcohol use. A great deal of time is spent in activities necessary to obtain alcohol, use alcohol, or recover from its effects. Craving, or a strong desire or urge to use alcohol. Recurrent alcohol use resulting in a failure to fulfill major role obligations at work, school, or home. Continued alcohol use despite having persistent or recurrent social or interpersonal problems caused or exacerbated by the effects of alcohol. Important social, occupational, or recreational activities are given up or reduced because of alcohol use. Recurrent alcohol use in situations in which it is physically hazardous. Alcohol use is continued despite knowledge of having a persistent or recurrent physical or psychological problem that is likely to have been caused or exacerbated by alcohol. Tolerance, as defined by either of the following: a) A need for markedly increased amounts of alcohol to achieve intoxication or desired effect A markedly diminished effect with continued use of the same amount of alcohol. Withdrawal, as manifested by either of the following: a) The characteristic withdrawal syndrome for alcohol (refer to criteria A and B of the criteria set for alcohol withdrawal) Alcohol (or a closely related substance, such as a benzodiazepine) is taken to relieve or avoid withdrawal symptoms. The presence of at least 2 of these symptoms indicates an alcohol use disorder (AUD). The severity of an AUD is graded mild, moderate, or severe: Mild: The presence of 2 to 3 symptoms. Moderate: The presence of 4 to 5 symptoms. Severe: The presence of 6 or more symptoms." Mark being an alcoholic seems like a stretch... but hey, who knows. Stranger things have happened with these 3...
  2. supervic

    Transplants is the gayest band on earth

    haha yep.. also all the digs at you for living with your parents
  3. supervic

    Can't Get You More Pregnant

    I'm not saying what they should do or are supposed to do. I'm just saying that this joke song has none of the actual successful elements of their old joke songs. If this was meant to be a throwback to their classic element, well they completely missed the mark. It's like saying Mark wanted to throwback to old blink, and so he just puts on a pair of Dickies. Totally misses the point, totally awkward.
  4. supervic

    Can't Get You More Pregnant

    Songs like fuck a dog and grandpa and ben wah balls actually sound like masterpieces now compared to this. Doesn't the new blink realize that the funniness of their joke songs wasn't because they were just one-off cute puns? In fact there were no puns at all in their classic joke songs. They were funny for being absurd, disgusting, and actually had some sort of stupid-ass, tongue-in-cheek story behind them. It's also actually funnier when they are full length songs because it makes the joke more cringe on purpose, making it even funnier (like Grandpa). These are just cringe period.
  5. supervic

    California Nominated for Best Rock Album

    lol fuck! Replace what I said with Cage Shows how much I know any of the other acts, really I was rambling about Twenty one pilots because I was reading about how they are on Fueled by Ramen and their contemporaries are within that next generation pop punk scene
  6. supervic

    California Nominated for Best Rock Album

    Can't believe Twenty One Pilots went up there in their underwear, beating out blink-182 the band that got famous for being in their underwear. And this is right after blink put out a music video reprising their running around naked video .. I can't quite put my finger on what this feeling is, but it's kind of like blink's legacy has evolved on to newer and fresher acts now, and they are the ones that won the grammy's. Meanwhile blink put out a record that sounds like 10 years ago and a music video parodying itself from 10 years ago.. I can't comment too much on how innovative or different twenty one pilots is, but the record sounds pretty good and interesting to me. Even though the Grammy's get shit on by critics, it should still be given to artists or an album that pushes the envelope somehow, and California is anything but pushing the envelope..
  7. supervic

    The Five Stages of Blink Acceptance

    How can I be a Tombot if today's my first time posting in months? Also my original post today wasn't even praising Tom. So.. what gives? Pretty low threshold for Tombot if all you have to do is post one mildly negative comment about Skiba in blink once every 2 months.
  8. supervic

    The Five Stages of Blink Acceptance

    Actually I'm on here almost everyday, just don't post.
  9. supervic

    The Five Stages of Blink Acceptance

    Yeah, it's so shocking that people want to still talk about a member that was in the band for 23 out of 24 years. It's like, how can people be so stuck on 96% of blink's entire history, geez.
  10. supervic

    The Five Stages of Blink Acceptance

    The most annoying thing here is that Tombots don't even exist anymore, yet we have to hear Ghent whine about them on a daily basis. Reminds me of back in the olden days when Oliver would force us into these conversations about money and greed, when nobody was even talking about it in the first place. Same shit, different day.
  11. supervic

    Blink at X Games

    I agree completely - but only for TOYPAJ. Most sell out examples come from that album. But even as they were doing it, it was not as self proclaimed. It wasn't pushed by their producer either. For joke songs, for this album, Brohemian was written because Feldman asked Mark if he had any joke song lines, and then they brought it out from that. It's definitely a Mark creation, but Mark barely makes dick jokes anymore. Travis never did it. Matt obviously never did it with Alkaline Trio. So where's it coming from? Untitled wasn't like that at all to me. In fact they did the opposite - Travis's famous quote was that he said to the band let's forget everything people know about blink. They aimed for complete reinvention. Most fans were proud and stoked with the result. Enema.. well, that's a bit of a grey area. But considering how many of those songs were written in the Dude Ranch era, I'd give them the benefit of the doubt.
  12. supervic

    Blink at X Games

    You have the most black and white thinking ever. Positive comment about Skiba? Skiba cock in mouth. Negative comment about Skiba? Skiba cock out, Tom cock in. People have both negative and positive comments = weird shit going down. Wow, it's so spooky that someone can have some praise and some criticisms about a thing. Which mental disorder is that supposed to be? You know, if you try to recruit more than 5 brain cells when reading these posts, you might see that people can have dynamic, nuanced, multi-dimensioned thoughts and feelings about a topic.
  13. supervic

    Blink at X Games

    Dude, you can have an opinion without being a "bot". Get over it. Where in my post was there even a lick of praising Tom? Yet it wreaked of Tombot? You need to learn how to accept people's opinions instead of reflexively calling them a this-bot or that-bot.
  14. supervic

    Blink at X Games

    Yeah, this is fair, and I totally get why people are enamoured. I think Matt Skiba is a pretty good fit, as far as how realistically possible it is to get a good fit. But you just can't really fit into Tom's voice or role (in it's original form). Hell, Tom can't even fit into his old form, how can we expect another person to do it. Tom was just a unique, stand alone figure. The other thing about relaying a "blink vibe" or paying respects to their legacy or whatever, is that it's a totally contrived motivation. When Untitled came out, how much of a "blink vibe" did they really seek to keep? I didn't see them obsessively try to reproduce their signature or legacy in that album either - but it became naturally part of their legacy just because it was really good. Blink seems caught up in their own hype.. no classic or great album ever produced had a purpose of "trying to be like who they are". You are who you are naturally - otherwise it's just contrived. Feldman actively trying to "produce" old blink.. you can't produce that stuff.. it's just what it is, if it happens. For example joke songs are just supposed to be joke songs if you're dicking around and you think it's funny, and it just comes out. Not them saying to themselves "hey, blink are known for their jokes songs.. let's put in a joke song because that's what blink does". It's the same kind of feeling I got when Tom put out those joke songs.
  15. supervic

    Blink at X Games

    I like Matt Skiba and I love Alkaline Trio.. and I like bored to death. But.. he just doesn't sound that good singing Tom songs. I agree, Tom was singing like shit in his last years in Blink, but Skiba - He's in tune, sure, and better than how Tom was singing it in the last few years, but that doesn't mean it fits that well, or has the same kind of feel. I mean, it seems like a pretty weak criteria to love his singing just because 1. He's singing better than new Tom, and 2. He is singing with effort. I mean, if Justin Beiber went up there and sang with effort, completely on tune, all of Tom's songs, doesn't mean anybody should like it. It's just weird to me. But.. if the choice is this versus no blink-182 at all.. then, maybe it's worth it, I don't know..