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  1. 1. Anthem Part 2 2. the Rock Show 3. man overboard 4. Dance With Me 5. Family Reunion 5. Terrified/Violence rotate 6. Feeling This 7. Reckless Abandon/Dysentary Gary rotate 8. I Miss You 9. When We Were Young 10. Dumpweed 11. Down 12. More Than You Know 13. Aliens Exist 14. Always 15. Stay Together For The Kids 16. One More Time 17. Ghost On the Dance Floor (drum solo) 18. Blink Wave 19. Turpentine 20. Anthem Part 3 21. Adams Song 22. Whats My Age Again? 23. First Date 24. All The Small Things 25. Dammit
  2. Got pit tickets for both Citi Field and Hartford instantly before all the bots could.
  3. Can someone tell me why the mixing on this sucks? Cause I think the album sounds fine, and I think its way better "mixed" than California or Nine was. Am i missing something here lol
  4. I was thinking the same thing and strangely enough I had this angels demo stuck in my head all day while humming to this song lol
  5. Alright, I might be jumping the gun here but I believe this is now their greatest song of all time
  6. So is the song/interview coming at 11 or 12 eastern?
  7. Cool, just mugshots. Should’ve used Tom’s mugshot from 1996
  8. busted a nut to terrified, so good. Now i'm terrified by all these reddit users
  9. anyone got solutions on how to listen to this on my phone?
  10. Wow this song is incredible, Matt sounds fantastic
  11. Is it just me or does the second verse sound like something Taylor Swift would write?
  12. bojangles

    Blink Merch

    That pullover hoodie is dope, i copped it. It will pair nicely with my TOYP&J hoodie
  13. They actually got some cool new merch for once up on their website. I copped that new pullover hoodie
  14. I do love the chorus of this song, i don't care for the cheesy lyrics but goddamn this chorus is catchy af
  15. I like it, its the if they wrote a Cure song
  16. I’m the one who made the reddit post about Fell In Love lol, so you I expect one of you Australians here to DM a personal link to the song tomorrow with a nude to show appreciation.
  17. The edging in this thread got me like 👉🏻🥺👈🏻 please send
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