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  1. the subways - Strawberry Blonde this albums is lame... bring back young for eternity!
  2. i'm enjoyin it so far... i don't get why Walter's so pissed at Gus and wtf is Jessie up to with all that party shit
  3. Audi Cup is on! Barça x Inter - Bayern x Milan
  4. this is THE opportunity for you to grab all you can... DON'T MISS IT!
  5. i'm really excited about this album! the cover art sucks though
  6. i was extremely pissed off yesterday. last day of carnival, i was drunk watchin the match and that lil bastard had to score twice. anyway, Barça has indeed the best team now-a-days. i just wish somebody coulda broken Messi's leg or something excited about Tot x Mil today. hopefully Tottenham will go thru... a 1x1 is fine
  7. should be good. i'll have to find out an way to watch all the matches at work. idk if my boss will let me have a tv over there, but i'll definitely try it! since 98 that i watch all the matches (except for the 3rd round of each group cos they're always at the same time) hopefully we'll be able to reach the semi-finals, at least
  8. damn, that sucks... i'm glad i got what you managed to upload
  9. so, adam... how's it goin with the bRB stuff on #asthenia?
  10. haha, too confident on that happenin
  11. Ace Enders & A Million Different People - Sweeter Light
  12. inter is gonna fuck barça at camp nou! (at least i hope so) i hope bayern goes thru too
  13. FINALLY! NOW we're talkin... THAT's Lost i'm glad they've finally given us something about the Black Rock, Hanso, Richard and (most important) about the black smoke
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