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  1. the subways - Strawberry Blonde this albums is lame... bring back young for eternity!
  2. i'm enjoyin it so far... i don't get why Walter's so pissed at Gus and wtf is Jessie up to with all that party shit
  3. Audi Cup is on! Barça x Inter - Bayern x Milan
  4. this is THE opportunity for you to grab all you can... DON'T MISS IT!
  5. i'm really excited about this album! the cover art sucks though
  6. i was extremely pissed off yesterday. last day of carnival, i was drunk watchin the match and that lil bastard had to score twice. anyway, Barça has indeed the best team now-a-days. i just wish somebody coulda broken Messi's leg or something excited about Tot x Mil today. hopefully Tottenham will go thru... a 1x1 is fine
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