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  1. Blinkster182

    Blink 182 Asian Covers?

    i thought this topic was going to be about the japanese tribute album that came out a few years ago. http://www.cduniverse.com/search/xx/music/pid/6672481/a/Seriously+Funny+Funnily+Serious:+Tribute+To+Blink+182.htm its actually not that bad...
  2. these two songs, off say anythings new album, both have solos which are kind of the same, like noisy-ness and the likes, did he use a note shift pedal for it, or is it like a technique? i know, not the most articulated question, but i couldnt think of how to phrase it.
  3. Blinkster182

    Blink & Sciene/Fitness

    Travis constantly works out on tour according to interviews. and i think mark is/was a vege. i think he said it on Cribs. cant be sure though
  4. Blinkster182

    [Req] Grass Stains: A Bluegrass Tribute To Blink 182

    that was fast, thanks.
  5. Blinkster182

    [Req] Grass Stains: A Bluegrass Tribute To Blink 182

    nice one, thanks.
  6. i had this album once, i got it off bRb. and i thought it was the shit. i now have a new computer so im looking for it again. anyone fancy uploading it?
  7. Blinkster182

    trading my +44 pink cliff diving vinyl

    ha, that sucks. they're playing just round the corner from me, that day after i go on holiday. shame.
  8. Blinkster182

    still no podcast?

    its up now biotches
  9. Hey ducktape182' date=' what concert is that pic from?[/quote'] Yep manchester 3rd dec 2004 i was so there.
  10. Blinkster182

    fuck me.....

    funny, cus im going Give It A Name, and I'm not paying a penny. And transport and shit is taken care of. that blink concert in 2002 payed off. love the favours.
  11. Blinkster182


    wow. you spelled 2 words correctly. Do I see progress? *cough* he spelt three right actually.
  12. Blinkster182


    so the website. its okay looking, but God, I went on the forum and viewed 4 posts, and now I vow never EVER to return.
  13. Blinkster182

    AVA at Give It a Name

    Im going Saturday at Manchester. Gonna be good. Yea AAA are playing, but so are other great bands. Looking Forward to it.
  14. Blinkster182

    What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    Motion City Soundtrack - Back To The Beat