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  1. Much worse. People living in downtown Manhattan are living far more ecologically than those living in houses in the suburbs, let alone on some farm in the countryside.
  2. "Less impact on the environment"... Isn't he in the process of building a big house somewhere? If he's worried about the environment, he should move into a small flat in an apartment building.
  3. It's actually a pretty good cover of what is arguably the best BCR song.
  4. Was watching Colorado-Pittsburgh NHL yesterday and the DJ was playing ATST; the play then resumed but the crowd kept singing the song. It seems this is a thing they've been doing for a while now.
  5. Saw the new Jackass movie. It's definitely classic Jackass stuff but with more emphasis on penises. How they managed to squeeze their penises like that still haunts me...
  6. The new Avril is a pretty solid pop-punk album, certainly better than Lifeforms or Nine. Travis plays drums on most of the songs and co-wrote this:
  7. HBO's Harley Quinn animated series is awesome; hilarious (Clayface is a riot), gloriously violent and rewarding for those of us who've been "shipping" Harley & Ivy for more than a decade now.
  8. Huh? When they performed Feeling This live for the first time, I was shocked at how bad he sounded: He didn't sound good in 2002 either, but this was on another level.
  9. Never realized before how awesome & epic this song is:
  10. Neighborhoods Cali 2 DED Cali Nine
  11. Nine doesn't sound like blink at all.
  12. Worst AvA single so far. And the video is lame as fuck, but that's a given with this band.
  13. If he's not gonna tell what all that personal information is gonna be used for, he should probably block access to Europeans, as that's a clear violation of data privacy laws.
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