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  1. When did they start leaving out the pre-bass intro to Carousel? I wish they started playing that again.
  2. This is the second game as well. Haven't got a console but I played about a third of the game at my friend's yesterday. Zombies are just such a meh.
  3. The Ranch of Dudes
  4. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel there.
  5. Cynical SOOHM (Built This Pool) Rabbit Hole San Diego Misery Good Old Days Don't Mean Anything Long Lost Feeling Heaven Darkside Ransom Hungover You (Brohemian Rhapsody)
  6. Can't really bring myself to like the album that much. Hungover You, Ransom, Darkside and Heaven are real good though.
  7. Don't really have favorites as such but at least the following stand out for me: Schwarzenegger, Fassbender, Day-Lewis, Watts, Baron Cohen.
  8. Saw The Piano for the first time. It was very good, maybe not quite as great as I had been told it'd be, but still a solid 4/5. And how did Anna Paquin pull off that accent and acting at that age with no previous acting experience? No wonder she won an Oscar:
  9. I love FF titles but can't really stand anime (aside from NGE, which is great).
  10. Finished RDR2 on the PC. The open world is great with all the stuff you can do but the main missions were scripted to death. I fucking hate how the game often compels you to walk slowly.
  11. Although Raynor intends to finish high school by pursuing "home studies," he hasn't written college out of his life. "I'm definitely going to go to college, and eventually [I'll] grow up and get a real job," Raynor says. "Even if the band becomes really big, there's no saying how long it will last. I want to make good music, but I don't want to miss out on other opportunities. I'm already missing out on my senior year of high school. Besides, I don't want to be 30 and still in a punk-rock band. That seems kind of scary to me." -J.N.
  12. Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy is by far the best thing about the Garfield Spidey movies (while Garfield was the worst)🥰
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