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  1. And let me guess, "at times like theiiiiis, it's obvious" X2 is somehow better writing in comparison?
  2. I haven't been able to watch any of these videos (including blink) for more than a few seconds since Up All Night. Can't believe their total lack of self-awareness.
  3. What's with this nitpicking? Tom sang out of tune 100% of the time and now suddenly we're worried about them being unprofessional?
  4. American "wrestling" is the definition of gayness.
  5. This just in: US army confirms Tom is full of shit.
  6. MSandt

    The NHL thread

    I still kinda expect the Oilers to come back down to earth at some point; six of their seven wins are against teams that are below the playoff line at the moment.
  7. Isn't Friends a girls' show? Seinfeld is a masterpiece. Not a single bad episode.
  8. A bunch of weirdos here, Darkside is a real good song. Still Black Rain.
  9. Black Rain is garbage. Whiny emo song.
  10. Dunno what kind of mushrooms you guys are consuming, but Tom sounds like absolute garbage even with the aid of some pitch correction.
  11. MSandt

    The NHL thread

    Aaand then losing to the worst sports team of the 21st century in your opener..
  12. They're probably stoned as fuck to put up with Tom's gay little stories and awful singing.
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