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  1. So, reading the PDF a bit more, this is how it seems to have happened: -TTS managed to raise only about a million dollars between September 2017 and September 2018 (this was their first offering). -TTS had to resort to various merchant loans (as opposed to proper bank loans the company could never qualify for), some carrying a prohibitive interest rate of 30% (!!!). -Tom then established a line of credit with TTS to pump his own money into the company essentially for free to keep it going. -Jen leaves and takes the kids with her. Edit:-Tom resurrects AvA and starts flirting with blink.
  2. According to the PDF, Tom is actually looking for someone to take over his CEO duties. Is he gonna bail again? The guy has zero focus.
  3. The second movie is just dogshit (apart from a nude Kelly Carlson).
  4. It'll be interesting to see how much he manages to squeeze in TTS promotion for the tour.
  5. The third movie that no one knows exists is also worth a look. Some good satire of state and religion in that one.
  6. Yeah, the movie is quite hard to label because it's got pretty much everything. Also very pleasant to watch.
  7. The men's league probably has more patience with failing franchises because they can afford it better. In the current state the only way to implement equal pay (which, of course, means more money for women rather than less money for men) is either to bankrupt the women's league or have men subsidize women's salaries. How would the latter kind of welfare be good for equality? I understand waiting for attitudes to change can feel slow and tedious but radicalism will only alienate even the more reasonable segments of society.
  8. And pretty sure deep down they know they're on the wrong side of the argument, but they keep riling up the gullible social media crowd nevertheless to get what they want (and don't deserve).
  9. So is it sexist if people don't find women's soccer as fun to watch as men's? And even if people didn't watch women's soccer because everyone is a proper misogynist, that still wouldn't justify equal pay. Start bringing in the revenue, then we'll start talking.
  10. MSandt

    American Pie

    The 6th Sense was a PG-16 movie here. American Pie only has nudity and sex, and attitudes toward stuff like that are much more liberal here than in nipplegate America.
  11. Dope movie! Saw it for the first time only about two years ago but it felt so familiar.
  12. MSandt

    American Pie

    Definitely the defining youth movie of my generation. I was actually going to see the 6th Sense with a friend of mine but the ticket lady refused because we were underage (barely), so we saw American Pie instead. Ended up thinking it was better this way. (6th Sense is good too though.)
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