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  1. MSandt

    The NHL thread

    Well, after a lengthy, ten-minute video review you expect a bit more rigor.
  2. Watched the two Anchorman movies, mostly because of Applegate. The first one was decent, not really funny but at least semi-entertaining. Jack Black kicking the dog off a bridge was pretty funny; the movie should have had more violence toward these wicked little creatures. The sequel was just brutally bad and boring with some awful writing (the guy goes blind and movies into a lighthouse???). Applegate had barely any screen time while Will Ferrell is probably the least funny person alive.
  3. MSandt

    The NHL thread

    Beyond brutal. It was even worse today after IIHF released their lame-ass "reasoning". There's no way that contact was anything but incidental. If anything, the US goalie instigated the collision (hence the penalty). Half the nation was watching the game too (it was election night). Had it been a fair loss the silver could even have been something worth celebrating. But now it's just:
  4. MSandt

    The NHL thread

    I'll never watch hockey again.
  5. Labor Day. Kate Winslet looks erotic as always but holy shit was the movie melodramatic. And the constant "tense" interruptions as they're trying to leave town started to get really ridiculous.
  6. Interesting mental gymnastics some here are applying to the case of the great Delonge. With Mark (or is it the Feldmann?) running the cash-grab that is blink 182 with his two bitches, apparently Tom is now the humble guy who refused to sellout, putting his marriage, fame and finances at stake to follow his heart. Who could not love the guy? And yet everything Tom has done since 2005 has been driven by an inflated sense of self-importance, something that the other members of blink totally lack. First he was out to revolutionize the music industry, now he wants to revolutionize the world. The only reason he's not in blink anymore is because he considers such endeavors beneath him (he made as much clear during the "hiatus"). And now he's recording new music with AvA because, as is apparent from the documents he released a few years back, it's the only thing that still brings him some cash. Of course, Tom will never change the world (not that anyone here believes otherwise) for the same reason Jesse Puljujärvi will never make it in the NHL: he's just too stupid. You don't become the next Elon Musk with a below-90 IQ.
  7. Took a year off but finally managed to watch the rest of the season. Episodes 11-16 were actually pretty good in that they had not a whole lot of the most pretentious Lynch stuff and they finally managed to do something interesting with autistic Dougie/Cooper. The slow pace is great and Badalamenti's score complements it perfectly. But of course Lynch had to go off the deep end again for the finale. This whole thing about waking up and finding oneself in Wonderland is getting old.
  8. Finished The Ballad of Gay Tony for GTAIV. Great dialog & satire, plenty of colorful characters and the missions felt like they had more variety than in the base game (I hate flying in these games though and there was plenty of that in this DLC). I started to play GTA games only about a year ago after having looked down on them as pointless wannabe-gangster shooters for two decades.
  9. The fourth one is good too (I think that's the one with the Tom Cruise parody at the end?), as is The Superhero Movie. Others like The Disaster Movie and Epic Movie are just plain awful.
  10. MSandt


    The 1994 The Stand mini-series is pretty great too. It has its B-movie moments, but as a whole they got the characters right (with the exception of Molly Ringwald as Frannie; the "love-making" scene between her and Gary Sinise, who played Stu, is awkward as hell) and the whole plague-ridden, empty America bathing in intense July heat fascinated me to no end as a teenager. In fact, I owe a lot of my fascination and love of America to The Stand. I'd take out a map of the United States and mark down all the locations and routes mentioned in the series/book, tracking down the movement of all the characters as they headed toward Boulder and Las Vegas. I read the book shortly after I saw the series and I think the great casting of the series was of great help in putting correct faces on the characters.
  11. Literally a series of classic scenes.
  12. The sex scenes in La Vie d'Adèle were just stupid, like softcore porno (which is pointless). I also grew to despise Adele as the movie went along. I just cannot respect somehow who's so utterly dependent on another person. Had much higher expectations for the film. Fucking Åmål is by far the best lesbo film. I've seen it like 30 times. It's my go-to feelgood movie. Imagine Me & You is pretty good too because Piper Perabo is so adorable.
  13. No truer words have ever been spoken. I'd argue Mark being a passive-aggressive little pussy has a lot to do with his grass-eating habits.
  14. The stuff that he actually believes in is just as remarded though.
  15. Yeah and I love how real and awesome all the ships looked against the majestic natural backgrounds in Covenant. I think I read it somewhere they intended to call it "Paradise Lost", which would have been fitting (but lame). The movie is filled with beautiful scenes really, like the opener between David and Weyland. Also underrated is the birth of the first alien. Only Ridley would put a moving and tender track to play along with that absurd scene.
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