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  1. Neighborhoods Cali 2 DED Cali Nine
  2. Nine doesn't sound like blink at all.
  3. Worst AvA single so far. And the video is lame as fuck, but that's a given with this band.
  4. If he's not gonna tell what all that personal information is gonna be used for, he should probably block access to Europeans, as that's a clear violation of data privacy laws.
  5. What the hell are people here smoking? Kiss & Tell is garbage.
  6. Spider-Verse. Was really good, definitely the best Spider-Man movie yet. The others simply could not live up to the comic books but this one benefited from being based on a rather awful Spidey story so it was pretty trivial to improve on that. The animation quality has also gotten so good that it's almost like watching a live-action film.
  7. It also has the most amazing action scene in a movie ever: No better way to drive the point home about the terminator being unstoppable than slaughtering an entire police station's worth of cops like it's nothing.
  8. Re-watched a few movies I had only seen once before: The New World: didn't like this much the first time I saw it, mainly because it's so obviously inferior to the Thin Red Line. I still don't think it's anything special, but I'm tempted to get the extended cut as Malick's movies tend to benefit from the extra minutes even if it consists of nothing but characters walking in tall grass and pondering profound things. Looper: a stupid twist on the time-travel idea, but the second half of the movie is really good. Bruce Willis makes a great surprise villain. Training Day: Denzel Washington is almost hypnotic that you nearly buy his bullshit. Hawke is great too as the polar opposite. Makes great use of its physical setting too (kinda like Falling Down or Collateral).
  9. MSandt

    The NHL thread

    Only two more weeks! And I'm so glad many of the games are scheduled so that I can watch them live without sacrificing sleep during work days.
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