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  1. well 12.02 here and no update...?
  2. i thought the singing was funky and the music was awesome...shows everyone has their own opinion
  3. 2 days 13 hours for me now
  4. yeah in aus u can buy atticus and macbeth stuff instore quite easily...most PSC skate have them 45-55 dollars aus for a t-shirt and i bought my londons for 140 last year
  5. croft thinks it's bull shit everyone has their own opinion and everyone is entitled to it so dont get ur tit in a twist and can u tell me how u got this email or wateva just a general question...fark
  6. i didnt say it was bullshit i just wanted to no if u had like signed up to something or knew someone i dont no didnt mean to be an asshole...which i started in my post
  7. fair enuff well i hope the only music we hear in this podcast is AAA, unlike marks ones which have other songs that would be gay and let me down heaps
  8. the part that most people dont get in the lyrics i believe is "in foreign dressing rooms" that sounds the best to me
  9. how do u get these emails??? not being an asshole or nething just generally curious?
  10. yer its 9:42 thursday here lol so its kinda late for australians but im waiting hopefully it comes up soon enough as long as its today, i mean there isnt much american day left is there but theres a full day for me here...but yeh it is getting kinda annoying
  11. is it me or is this song like really got the feeling of hatrid about it the lyrics dont sound like mark. Slitting wrists and cant standing people is abit heavy i mean i love the song but its kinda dark
  12. nice pic lol been my sig for 6 months
  13. it was on video hits the 2nd version..i really like this vid
  14. Yeh i think its bullshit when other ppl steal ppls things...and u cant fukn talk CUTH u asked for my blink remix to be put on ur site and i said yes if i am credited. but no uve put it down as random dude....fkn hypocrite try not to be as hypocritical in the future and give me my ccredit
  15. That was kinda harsh seeing as the dude was already in hospital for ages...comments like that just arent necessary
  16. i just hope the girl doesnt sing much if at all...how rad would just a total mark singing side project be...not that it will happen but just imagine
  17. they have played story of a lonely guy in the new tour can someone plz post this i thought they had only played it like twice in the cuyahoga and starlake boot legs plz post i love that song
  18. could use plz post them coz telling me doesnt help me too much sorry
  19. hey does any one have a good quality enthused live ive got crystal mountain but it aint that good if any has it can u plz post or tell me where i could get it off u plz
  20. lol nice...but why do i think ur gonna get trashed for this post lol but i like the thomas monroe lol
  21. ne one realise how there still using the one word and number link blink 182 and plus 44 i no its lame but still u think they could of strayed abit with a totally different band name...and i dunno i think a new guitarist in that band will totally change it all round...
  22. the best one i heard and ive got atlanta and orlando is west palm thats a good quality concert where u can hardly even here the crowd in parts
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