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  1. Brilliant results for Celtic today
  2. Let's get this started again. I am currently playing an online game. 150 people started, 23 are left and the payout starts from 20th. I am 15th but am pretty much fucked, I am short stack at my table and am getting nothing. Plus everyone keeps stealing my blinds edit - Just went out 21st!, went all in BB with AK o/s against Q,J o/s and the guy hit a Jack on the river!
  3. Hello guys hope you are all well. Now 2011 is over what do you think the best goal was. I only discovered this goal tonight but I think it's one of the best goals I've ever seen. I'm sure Kevin has already seen it 100 times:
  4. I am going to the Motherwell game this weekend for my birthday. I think Scottish football should be much cheaper than it is, 25 quid!
  5. Hi I have been working so much trying to pay off my student debt and I just don't have that much time to sit about on the internet. Will try my best to keep this topic up to date. Thanks for everyone keeping it alive
  6. What are you talking about??? Go and watch the original film again and you will see that everything is completely relevant. As a prequel film (which is actually a remake of the 4th Apes film). It was a good film, I really enjoyed it and the fact that it ties in with the original was even better.
  7. Fuck Celtic, seriously Dan can just stay the fuck away from our team for the rest of his life. We really are a fucking disgrace.
  8. I have read reviews and the blu-ray is meant to look amazing on all the films.
  9. Hello everybody! Good luck to everyone's clubs playing in Europa League. Come on Celtic!
  10. Cuth

    E3 2011

    E3 was better until they decided to keep everybody out, the excited video games fans etc and make it exclusive for the industry. That's why Leipzeg in Germany which takes place every August is now the best video games event in the world.
  11. Young good signing but £16 m in his final year of contract is NUTS! Henderson had a great season last year, Liverpool need wingers so he would be good although Mata or someone would be same price and better. Villa possibly getting Martinez is a great move, the nicest guy in the premier league! Celtic linked with Bellamy. Would be good but his wages are too high plus he isn't the player he used to be and it won't happen. The Gold cup started, not seen any of it yet but now I am in Dubai I probably will catch a bit. Looking forward to the copa america in July.
  12. The Big Red One is meant to be really good.
  13. Man City will finish above Arsenal!
  14. Rory, guess who was at the 3-0 old firm game last month Honestly, the best atmosphere EVER at a football match. The entire stadium, yes that's the entire stadium (except Rangers twats) were doing the Poznan celebration. Unbelievable.
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