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Found 2 results

  1. No idea where this came from just saw it on reddit. Sounds pretty good and has Mark/Skiba on vox. I can’t get the full song from that link but the preview is working atm
  2. So this thing just leaked, and really it's only one "new" song that we haven't heard previously. New Blood and Reel 6 are pretty boring, but Diary is still one of my favorite AVA releases because it's something different. I forget who said this but they put it best when they said it was "Ilan Rubin's EP with AVA's nametag" on it, and I completely agree. It's a huge change in direction from anything AVA has put out, so it's pretty evident Tom Delonge had very little involvement with the overall construction of the EP (oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Diary is the only new track that has vocals...if you can call them that?) Anyways, I haven't listened to all the remixes yet but Surrender is pretty annoying, just a mix of weird tones and bass-heavy electronica. Kevin pointed out that there are far better post-rock bands that perfect the sounds that it sounds like this EP was trying to accomplish (i.e. Caspian, Saxon Shore, Tycho). Edit: Jesus, Epic Holiday sounds like an 8-bit joke. It sounds like just an EP that was completely experimental, which is fine with me considering AVA should be that sort of outlet with Tom - but jesus I'm glad blink-182 is back if this is where AVA is headed. My overall rating: 3/10, only because I really really enjoy Diary. Everything else sucks though, and you can tell Tom Delonge is still the glue that holds the band together. Ilan will be an interesting addition when they all work cohesively together, but for now this EP is just an experiment that should have been left for further production.
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