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Back to School Fishing Tune


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Verse 1

Sometimes the past keeps re-surfacing
Like a school of fish in parade
And I just see no purpose in
Keeping up with the charade

Sometimes I feel I gotta
Use up my old-memory quoata

You told me you would recall
The events that meant it all
Even if they were rather small


They say you gotta let it go
They say no one wants to know
what went on in the past
They say you gotta face them soon
All those mental wounds
that lay under this giant cast

Verse 2

I need to personify the past
turn it into a face
Open my eyes and remove the mask
Cut my ties and end the chase
For years I did wonder
But I finally found out what it meant
that abstence only makes the heart grow fonder
And familiarity only brings contempt

Sometimes it feels like I'm gonna
have a mental breakdown in the local sauna

You told me you wouldn't forget
Is that a promise or is it a threat?
Is it a vow or is it a bet?

Verse 3

So I'm starring you in the eyes now
A mirror that could never break
I'm facing all of the lies now
Meeting every damn mistake
Roaming round the same old corners
Thinking of the same damn things
Crossing all the same lame borders
Wondering what tomorrow brings

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