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  1. California Deluxe Album

    Fucked up thing is my GF broke up with me 2 months ago, she gave me 2 tickets to Blink in Rotterdam right before she broke up with me. Didnt really want to go, also because i thought california was a bit of a let down. This got me excited again!
  2. California Deluxe Album

    i was about to give up on Blink, but fuck me this is some good shit
  3. California Deluxe Album

    i'm talking about them playing it safe sounding like 5sos and all
  4. California Deluxe Album

    anyone else notice how they released the poppy/easy to listen to songs first?
  5. California Deluxe Album

    The blonde got some strong handgame. Is that you?
  6. California Deluxe Album

    Check inbox
  7. California Deluxe Album

    New songs saved the album for me. Absolutely digging it. I know what to listen driving to work tommorrow
  8. California Deluxe Album

    +15 pages, no leak. What the fuck guys
  9. California Deluxe Album

    yeah i misread something i think.
  10. California Deluxe Album

    i give up. Good night guys
  11. California Deluxe Album

    im at work till 2am, might stay up until 03.30
  12. California Deluxe Album

  13. California Deluxe Album

    it's actually the guitar sound, loud bass and the low/high vocals combined that made me think of +44
  14. California Deluxe Album

    am i the only one that hears +44 in this song?
  15. Barney's Ego debut EP

    Hey guys, i haven't been around lately, just checked back a few times for news on blink. I was busy the previous months writing and recording an EP with my band, and i'm pretty excited for you guys to hear it. A bunch of you will probably say "he's using the blink forum to get he's EP noticed" - which is absolutely true. My bad! Click here for a preview! When our EP is released, i'll link the full songs. Leave me a comment on what you think if you want to. Cheers!
  16. Barney's Ego debut EP

    Uploaded a second track
  17. We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    he doesn't have to, so your argument is invalid
  18. We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    "i shat the bed, layed there in it, thinking of you, wide awake for days" I think he thinks he can't write the dark lyrics he used to write. He probably wants or thinks Travis and Mark expect this from him. And just like someone above said, Feldman fucks up a lot of their sound Sad, but give him some time. He's probably developing a new style or needs to adapt more.
  19. Barney's Ego debut EP

    We uploaded a full track. Enjoy guys.
  20. favorite blink covers?

    Here's my band a few years ago:
  21. blink 182 "go" full cover

    i actually have the same guitar as you, it was the same colour and everything. Here's what i've done with it: Couldn't find a decent picture, sry. Didn't break the guitar, was just a pose, having some fun.
  22. Tour de France

    With the tour de france on the way, i'm curious if some people on here watch it. If you do, do you think Froome will make it? Or will the 3rd week be too much for him?
  23. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Saw that Oasis dude on Pukkelpop about a week ago. Dude was actually really good
  24. Tour de France

    i expected him to fall flat on his face... hard. And indeed, what happened today is a shame. What's interesting about this is whatever decision the jury made about the lost/won time because of the crash, there would always be discussion
  25. California discussion

    yeah well i'm at work 14 hours a day 7 days in a row (i get a week of for every week i work, so i'm basicly home 2 weeks out of 4) so i get bored easily