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  1. Jman.

    what amp should i buy?

    Matchless Clubman
  2. Jman.

    Recording question

    Yeah, it's similar to USB but it isn't standard on all computers. If you have a PC tower you can buy a firewire PCI card or something similar, they're not too expensive. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3264905&CatId=511
  3. Jman.

    Recording question

    A decent soundcard isnt really needed if you're using a FP10 or anything like it. Just a firewire port.
  4. Jman.

    Recording question

    havent used reaper but yeah, this.
  5. Jman.

    Drumming is subjective.

    Sorry if this has been posted >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAepUchAj2k
  6. Jman.

    my drumz are all like, thud, bang, kapow!

    Hahah I was actually thinking about this the other day. The snare wire part always gets me.
  7. Jman.

    shine drums

    yes yes yes. either or, I'm using the A custom 22 currently, so in love with it.
  8. Jman.

    shine drums

    I mean, its pretty smart of Shine. They boost their sales by offering 5% off to every drummer ever. Their reps tried pressuring me into buying a kit asap, they're not looking to help any artists out, just make money.
  9. Jman.

    shine drums

    Shine drums hands out sponsorships like flyers. Mind me asking how much you paid? It is a really nice looking snare though
  10. Jman.


    Drumdial tuners are like $50 and they help get all the lugs to around the same place, its not perfect but it really helps. From there you can fine tune everything and get it sounding how you like.
  11. Jman.

    help finding custom amp website

    fuck, did it start with an M? (not matchless) but I think I know what youre talking about. I'll see if I can come through with the name.
  12. Jman.

    BOTB: Band Promotion Thread

    Let's play some shows together dude.
  13. watts don't really mean anything. get a bogner shiva for that kind of money.
  14. Jman.


    I'm planning on staining my kit once I get a new bass drum amd I have a bunch of questions. Any tips on what type of stains to buy? How do they affect sound? How many coats should I apply? Would clearcoating be necessary/better? If you can answer any of these that'd mean a bunch.
  15. Jman.

    Tuning My Toms