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  1. big diff between ohhh lalallalal ohhiiia ohhia and 'Cause I feel so mad, I feel so angry, I feel so callous So lost, confused, with a agressive sound (mesa vs vox)
  2. Angels and airwaves is back.. fuck off
  3. anthony green seriously?? errrk bad choice
  4. Wtf?
  5. Because we like matt voice
  6. at 1min 33 i really really like how matt sing. Oh gush fuck delonge (*palmface*)
  7. Why mark dont start a new band with barker and fabulous matt?? Blink 182 is tom mark and travis that it. I dont understand why mark do that
  8. I was at the show in Montebello (rockfest) and skiba destroy the show seriously. Maybe he was sick but.. its was a bad show. ps: i'm not a tom bot, but I am an honest person
  9. Omg... its to pop for me.. seriously mark i dont like yur voice at all.
  10. Its too pop for me.. its not the real blink 182 sry..
  11. Hi, first of all sry for my english , i'm a french canadian . I have a question because idk wichone to buy. i'm currently playing nofx, no use for a name, strung out, Blink 182 and punk like this. i'm hesitates between a Marshall DSL 40c, Traynor Ycv40 and Line 6 spider valve mkII (bogner one). i have a budget of 900 $-1000$ CA. Thanks for the help