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  1. Because we like matt voice
  2. at 1min 33 i really really like how matt sing. Oh gush fuck delonge (*palmface*)
  3. Why mark dont start a new band with barker and fabulous matt?? Blink 182 is tom mark and travis that it. I dont understand why mark do that
  4. I was at the show in Montebello (rockfest) and skiba destroy the show seriously. Maybe he was sick but.. its was a bad show. ps: i'm not a tom bot, but I am an honest person
  5. Omg... its to pop for me.. seriously mark i dont like yur voice at all.
  6. Its too pop for me.. its not the real blink 182 sry..
  7. Hi, first of all sry for my english , i'm a french canadian . I have a question because idk wichone to buy. i'm currently playing nofx, no use for a name, strung out, Blink 182 and punk like this. i'm hesitates between a Marshall DSL 40c, Traynor Ycv40 and Line 6 spider valve mkII (bogner one). i have a budget of 900 $-1000$ CA. Thanks for the help