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  1. Bournemouth show cancelled!
  2. Manchester Update:
  3. The song is already up on Spotify, Deezer, etc.
  4. official
  5. I got a Tangela in NYC
  6. yes, exactly one month between the last date of the US Tour and first date of the European tour.
  7. New USA tour starts March 22nd. I expect the deluxe album to be released somewhere around the end of March.
  8. Just announced: It starts March 22nd. I think we can expect the release of the California deluxe album somewhere around the end of March
  9. - NEW 24 june - 1 july, Roskilde Festival, Denmark
  10. NEW: 1 july, Rock Werchter, Belgium
  11. NEW: 8-10 June, Greenfield Festival, Switzerland
  12. NEW: 12 july, GE Oil & Gas Arena, Aberdeen, UK NEW: 22 June, Tons of Rock, Norway
  13. No, bands rarely play ampitheaters over here. From what I can see they play Festivals or Arena's