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  1. Coheed & TBS presale?

    Anybody have the presale password for the coheed and taking back Sunday shows they just announced?
  2. The Pursuit Of Tone: Tom Doc

    YouTube took it down didn't get to see it all yet. Can someone pm me a link or dl I can watch on my iPhone? Please and thank you
  3. Acoustic Song with Travis (7/24/2012)

    Awesome. Now I shall go relearn old blink songs
  4. Request-Ava- all that we are

    Thanks for the vid
  5. Request-Ava- all that we are

    Thanks I'll try it out
  6. Request-Ava- all that we are

    Someone's gotta tab out toms first real long solo thing come on
  7. Blink-182 on Jimmy Kimmel Thread Oct 3rd

    Someone record this plz I'll be at work
  8. The Rouge

    http://m.facebook.com/therougeband?_rdr Anyone ever hear of these guys? My friend just got in this band as their new drummer and I've never heard them before. Just wondering if there are any fans on here?
  9. Favorite Blink Album

    Toypaj for sure. Funny yet serious. Fav of all times.
  10. Neighborhoods Alternate Tracklist Order

    tracklist order from august 15 (absolutepunk) http://img825.imageshack.us/img825/57/20110815.jpg from august 26 (mark hoppus) http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/9216/20110826.jpg i don't think there were more. my ideal list would be something like this: 01 - MH 04.18.2011 02 - Wishing Well 03 - Natives 04 - Ghost On The Dance Floor 05 - Even If She Falls 06 - After Midnight 07 - Snake Charmer 08 - Up All Night 09 - Heart's All Gone Interlude 10 - Heart's All Gone 11 - Love is Dangerous 12 - Kaleidoscope 13 - Fighting The Gravity 14 - This Is Home 15* - Even If She Falls (acoustic) 16* - Heart's All Gone (with Mark and Tom vocals) 17* - Fighting The Gravity (pop-punk version) Report to moderator Logged I hope 15 16 17 are actually real and they release those too. Any word on that?
  11. Favorite Neighborhoods Song

    Ghost on the dance floor. I love this song really loud in my car. Catchy too
  12. Manchester Orchestra-Detroit, MI 5-17-11

    i hope the new ragc album comes out soon
  13. MO- Simple Math Album tab request

    dont have the patience or time. i got a kid homie
  14. MO- Simple Math Album tab request