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  1. ahh ok, i live like 5 minutes from there... i checked the two places that i had in mind...both of them didnt have it. the only other thing i could think of is to go to a store like allans and ask them to order it in for you... or have you tried ebay at all?
  2. where you from in aus? i might be able to give you a link to where you can order one...
  3. dont care if its already been said, cbf reading all this shit, but: how can you tell mark to move on when toms out there still playing blink songs each night? in the way tom still plays blink, mark is talking about it cause hes angry about what happened and all that...
  4. who opened?
  5. yeah...i use it a lot actually when im sending shit to other band members and cant be fucked properly recording.. This might be a bit diff cause i have the full version, but: - New File - Click the 'Create" options in the menus --> select Redrum Drum Computer - Select the patch (Which drum kit you wanna use) - Click select at the bottom of each drum track (the coloums) - Click on the white squares at the bottom for where you want that beat to be. Once you get the hang of it is really easy to use. Hope that helps.
  6. Hey thats an Alex Turner picture....have you been asking around on the AM forum too?
  7. Looks like a wechter to me. Wechter 3000 Series *Note, i may be very wrong, it could just be custom built sg acoustic.. EDIT: looking back at the video, i am very wrong..sorry
  8. Looks like no-one cares, so i'll bump it. Nice cover. The second final version is definately better, nice work on fixing the vocals.
  9. yeah, been listening to arctic monkeys since last year, class drummer he is...
  10. Mark was probably busy working with other bands, or on some plus 44 tracks, so he let travis find the other can tell.
  11. how does one go about sanding a guitar, any websites, tips, tools to use etc etc. Looks pretty good, except like you said that top bit on the right. nice work
  12. i reckon the drums sound good in so here we are, nice job. keep up the good work
  13. i just did a quick 10 seconds to test if it sounds good before dinner, this is what i got.. ill do the rest later. Does it sound alright? ps - the guitar is split so listen with both headphones
  14. yes my mistake. well what ive been using recently to record(and been very satisifed with) is a M-Audio box. basically, its a little box thingi, you plug your guitar straight into that, and and mics or whatever you want, and its a USB connection to your computer. then you can use cubase, garage band, whatever to record with. could you please upload a sample using it to record? just play any basic thing effects or whatever thanks