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  1. It’s not a classic is it and lyrics feel a bit lazy. Hoping there’s better to come.
  2. This EP rocked my world. Pretty Little Girl is my fav...maybe my fav Blink song of their modern era Listen to EP thro decent headphones and you can see how much hard work has gone into producing this, it sounds beautiful.
  3. Ive always liked AVA...but this...THIS...is cack
  4. Agree with everything you've said. Wonder how much influence the label have in deciding their set list though...I personally think the label have sold Blink well short on this album. Neighbourhoods is a fantastic album but I think the promo/marketing etc has been poor. Tour dates were badly timed too.
  5. I don't agree. I think Tom has gotten progressively worse as the years have gone on. I don't think he was that bad in 2004/2005/ and even in 2006. People have been complaining for years, and at first, I thought the complaints were kind of stupid. Even when I saw them in 2009, it was getting bad, but I thought it was still manageable. But now it has just gotten so ridiculous. His voice is just GONE. I agree that Tom has never been perfect when singing, but there is not being perfect, and there is what he does now. I am not even sure I'd classify what he does now as singing. Oliver I couldn't agree with you more. Tom's meant to be a professional artist. Its disgraceful. Its like a fireman trying to put a fire out with petrol or a nurse giving you crack to treat a cold... His guitar sounds terrible too...ergh. Oh well as long as he continues to be a good songwriter I will continue to support the band - thats the main thing I think.
  6. Just saw an advert for Neighborhoods on UK television. Its narrated by Zane Low from Radio1. Its pretty cool - kinda a 3D version of the album cover with vid clips of up all night and After Midnight & Up All Night playing in the background. anyone else see it?
  7. I wish they still played this, one of my top 15 blink songs probably. randomly??? didn't they play this every night of the pop disaster tour?
  8. Blinks Radio 1 page says when blink songs have been played on the show - http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/artists/0743b15a-3c32-48c8-ad58-cb325350befa
  9. Zane Low's album of the week on Radio 1 is Neighbourhoods. He played Ghost on the Dancefloor tonight, Wishing Well last night...
  10. Bish182

    After Midnight

    AGREE 100% about Travis. I think the guitar in the chorus is a bit weak too but there you go.
  11. Bish182

    After Midnight

    where exactly do other songs go? they actually progress, if not a lot at least a LITTLE bit. this one does none. its verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. it just feels bland. dynamics are what make music great. if its just the same the entire way through it just feels boring and like dysentery said, anti climactic. So UAN didn't follow the typical format, so it felt disjointed and sucked...Now this song is too generic and doesn't go anywhere, and HAG has poor production. God damn people...if you don't at least kind of like this one, then you should probably just let go of blink. and that's not directed at niku, just picky blink fans in general. Really glad you and others like the song dude. But I tend to agree it doesn't go anywhere - its more bland than i expected it to be. That doesn't mean we should 'let go of blink' - just means we expect more ingenuity than this. Nice pop song tho
  12. Bish182

    After Midnight

    Once again I'd say production quality lets it down but there you go...good song tho
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