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  1. I'll be at the Blink show in Montreal this weekend! Very excited! It's been years since i've seen them. And i also get to see Alkaline trio, which is another favourite!!
  2. Thanks! Yeah, we kept the name cause My brother and I stayed in the band and have pretty much always done everything. If you like dub step, our newest song we just recorded has a crazy drop. I'll most likely post it here when the time comes and get shat on even harder! Cant wait!
  3. Not desperate to be famous! Not desperate for anything! BUT play and party in front of crowds of people every night doesn't sound so bad to me!
  4. LOL! Yeah, I'm still a drummer! I'm just big into electro and pop. That's the reason I'm making electro pop music! I also love performing and entertaining. So this is right up the alley! Completely different than the old stuff but i still love it! My dream is still to perform in front of thousands as a rock/punk rock/pop punk band! Maybe one day that can happen. For now, this seems to be peeking people's interests since it's what's big these days. Just having fun! And I'm welcome to all bashing, hating, and criticism!
  5. Always a risk posting on these boards Oh well, worth a try!
  6. Hey all! I used to frequent these forums quite often 5-6 years ago and post somewhat regularly! Some of you may remember me! Anyway, been really busy over the years with school, work, and music. I used to be in a band but we recently transformed it into an electro-pop duo. We're releasing our song on iTunes in a few days and filming our music video next week! Here's a preview of our new track, which is called ''I dig, You Dig?'' you can find it on www.idigyoudig.com It's not very punk rock, but hey, it's hitting pop radio stations throughout Canada this summer! Hope you enjoy it!
  7. great set! glad i spent tonight watching the whole show instead of blacking out again! they should've played aliens exist... just saying
  8. that party song remix is awesome after the first minute!
  9. It's blink 182 They can suck donkey dick and it'll still be okay! They've done worse!
  10. Really mad that this is only on the deluxe version cause it is my favorite track off the new record! Do you think this means they won't play it live? cause i'd be pissed!
  11. It's a pretty good album. I'm impressed and at the same time a little disappointed. IMO, best songs are Natives, snake charmer, wishing well. It is absolutely clear that they needed Jerry Finn or at least an experienced producer for this record. It's never good to produce your own album. Second opinions are always preferred. Biggest disappointment is the Engineering of the record. I find this odd because AVA records sound amazing and so do past Blink albums. There are some damn catchy parts tho, and it put a huge smile on my face to rock out to these songs in my car on the way home from work! Can't wait to see the new songs played on the next blink tour!
  12. LOL @ the constant hostility of this forum.
  13. typically, drums and bass are the foundation of a song, then guitars come in. you guys are worrying too much. i think the boys of blink know what they're doing. if it wasnt for them, you wouldnt be on this forum so give them a break. so negative in here all the time So much for a collaborative album.
  14. haha we're playing there december 1st with jefree starr
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