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  1. I have it in white. Bought it in 2005 or 06. Since then, I have recorded all my band's albums and played like 70 live shows with it. Amazing bass. Congrats!
  2. Amazing melodies. Can't wait to hear the studio version. I really enjoy The Chainsmoker's production. Btw: You can really hear the difference in the quality of vocals between the two
  3. I wonder how much money Tom made with California and the shows they played with Matt. Probably more than Matt.
  4. I am not saying that "Parking Lot" is an exceptionally good song but where does the hate come from? Lyrics?
  5. all four now online on their official account
  6. https://www.yahoo.com/news/hacking-group-apos-anonymous-apos-203223469.html Any connection to Tom's big announcement?
  7. MH 4.18.2011 clearly. So dull. Btw, Blink isnt playing one single song from Neighborhoods on their current tour in Europe....
  8. I remember. You're right. Exciting times.
  9. I actually met Leo by accident in a club in Frankfurt. You can imagine how weird that was... . I think he was with a guy from Italy that tried to look like Travis. As far as I remeber he works as a geriatric nurse or something like that. But that also was a few years ago...
  10. Still waiting for WDNTW Acoustic...
  11. Haha, thats crazy. That is my regular morning Show. It is a state tv Station and pretty much the most famous in Germany. Good for them that they got on there...
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