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    Something I've wondered about: Is "Grandpa" about someone who gets molested/has an incestious relationship with their grandfather? or is it someone singing to their grandma? I've always thought it was the former, but lately I've realized that the latter also makes sense. Edit: He does say "your own grandfather". I forgot that. Feel silly now.
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    Wow they def switched it up! Hopefully someone gets a video of “I Can’t Believe”
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    Damn, you would think Jarrod would have had plenty of time now to learn different songs. I guess Skiba has been fairly busy with Blink so perhaps they haven't rehearsed enough. I'm still banging ITTC regularly, was really hoping they would add a few more off the new album to the setlist.
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    I do believe Tom when he says that but I also believe he's bullshitting at the same time too. Unless you're on about when Tom first introduced the Dream Walker idea to blink. I know that was originally meant for blink too. I think anyone would've ignored his responses about wanting to start some comic book franchise about some kid that flies around with an umbrella that looks like a lightsaber haha. But I do remember him talking about how he wanted to take blink forward with a song like New World but there was no way he wrote that song before he got kicked out of blink IMO. The lyrics in that song kinda make sense to him quitting blink again anyway. Mark & Travis definitely didn't want Tom out though. They were perfectly fine with him as long as he was committed IMO.
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    I've got a motivation problem.
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