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  1. No Kourtney is the only one who stayed married a long time. Her husband Scott cheated on her. Khloe dates crack head cheating athletes such as Lamar Odom who almost died in a brothel, and Kim has unstable relationships/marriages every few years.
  2. A few days ago you thought Tom had schizophrenia lol
  3. Nope I sometimes read 5 gossip magazines in a day about Justin Bieber and the Kardashians. What do you care anyway white knight, go be angry somewhere else
  4. Tom made a huge mistake leaving Jen. She's as beautiful as ever and runs an honest business that doesn't involve scamming people. I've also heard she's a certified freak! What's the point of quitting being a musician which makes millions, to waste all the free time you gained and fill it with hanging out with old men conspiracy theorists, and lose money on top of it all. No sane woman would put up with that. If you disagree with me you are sexist!
  5. Jan the fake feminist who was offended over the word "whore" a few hours ago, now approves and encourages the rampant use of c*nt
  6. I don't care, other people found out about it and drew the obvious conclusion (which was correct). If Travis actually threatened her, he would have been arrested or in jail. He's not so obviously whatever happened wasn't that bad or you're misconstruing the facts.
  7. I think he may have been drunk when he said that. @Gaslit Jan wtf. She was an alcoholic, cheated on him, and got arrested for domestic violence multiple times. For a woman to get arrested vs a fully tattooed man like Travis tells you everything. Also she didn't get child custody LOL. In America that is 1 in a million
  8. She is such a dumb whore, that's real nice of Tom to take her side over Travis. What a great bandmate!
  9. It's funny how many people still don't think Tom is even a little bit crazy. How much more proof do you need? Especially after being wrong about the divorce and cocaine use. Let me guess, the space ship is near completion too, and I'll be proven wrong.
  10. Does anyone know when Tom's obsession with Ford trucks began? Why isn't a rock star living in California driving a Lambo?
  11. What an egomaniac, he expects us peasants to bow down every time he posts a song clip. Finish the damn album already. In 2021 I demand either the album, the tv show, or the movie to be released. Let's find out once and for all what Tommy has been so busy with. I better not find out he's planning a wedding, that could set us back years
  12. Wow that's got to be the highest price one of those has sold for. I just checked, there was also one that sold a month ago which was broken into pieces and still sold for over 500 lol
  13. San Diego Salvation Army
  14. Oh no doubt. I actually think he's lying though. Are we really supposed to believe he talks to Oliver, just because he says so? Like of course it's Speedo. It's fan fiction. He stops posting on a message board and his life has turned around and no longer eats McDonald's.
  15. I wish he didn't make his videos private, they were hilarious. Maybe he's dating Jen Delonge after becoming rich
  16. I don't get why it would matter if MGK is a douche either, most artists are. I feel the same way about pretentious indie emo lofi modern rock bands. They think they are rock stars posting their hashtags and acting cocky, standoffish unless talking to one of their other pretentious artist friends. I never cared about MGK before this. I heard about him like 10 years ago and liked 2 songs before this album.
  17. I think it's bald man's envy. Speedo and Diddy are going bald and MGK has nice hair so they hate him and Justin Bieber
  18. Too long didn't read. What a moron
  19. Honestly, I don't think so. I was just thinking of some Ava sounding song Tom would want to play
  20. I don't think Skiba knows how to play that song accurately. Plus, there's simply no room in the setlist even when Tom comes back. The band will insist on playing Love is Dangerous or Up All Night. I guess Mark thinks people will ask for refunds if those "great" songs were removed
  21. You make no sense. So we've proven all his lyrics are genuine, then you change it to think we were calling him edgy, which no one did
  22. Yes that's you and you're wrong again! Hopefully the 2020s has more variety than boring indie bands that all sound the same. It would take a lifetime to listen to all the bad/boring albums released in the last 10 years
  23. Other posters are able to edit without the thing showing up unless someone posted after them. It shows up 100% of the time for me. It's an annoying feature from when Patient edited my account settings
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