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  1. How can the TTSA defenders be shocked that $3 million dollars and 3 years wasn't enough to create alien space ships powered by exotic matter and they weren't able to develop AI that can detect future UFO sightings. I'm guessing Tom didn't start blowing the money from his catalogue sale. He only wanted to use other people's money.
  2. O boy the stockholders aren't going to be happy!! Minimum $200 donation down the drain, better luck next time!!
  3. If you guys want a good read, check out the bio of the guy who co-founded TTS with Tom. The guy is a total con man and it's hilarious how much of a joke he is. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_E._Puthoff Cliff notes: -he was a high ranking member of Scientology in the 70s -believed that a bunch of magicians/illusionists had actual telekinetic and psychic powers -founded a company similar to TTS which was funded by donors
  4. Blink-182 is legendary. They had Rock n Roll Hall of Fame band Green Day warming up the crowd for them.
  5. I wonder if Billie and Tre had to go to rehab because they couldn't accept the fact they were curtain jerkers!! That's pretty sad to hire a touring guitarist and then brag that you played/sang better than a drunk stoned Tom Delonge who doesn't try at all.
  6. Green Day sound great live because they go out of their way to accomplish that goal. They include multiple extra musicians, so a 3 man punk group becomes double that amount. Their act is just as stale as blink, playing slow album speed, calling people motherfuckers, and wayyyy ohhhhh heyyyy ohhhhh makes me wanna shout! Wayy oooOOOooo ah ohhh. Would Green Day insult NOFX the way they did blink? Because blink basically did the NOFX thing for years, playing sloppy by design. They aren't trying to be the Beatles, half the songs are joke sex songs. Edit: I forgot to mention that Weezer should close over Green Day on the next tour, they are more relevant!
  7. Billie Joe is too scared to tour with blink again because he knows Green Day is inferior. Skiba blink deserves top billing over them
  8. I was going to say yes that's very weird til I remembered that's the tour with Weezer included as well and it's in bigger venues than normal concerts. It seems to be mostly baseball stadiums, so the capacity has tens of thousands of extra people.
  9. I think it's a more well known bootleg than others since it's during the Enema era and the entire show is on video, it's always been easy to download or view over the years. Do you prefer the shorter setlists of the older shows or is it just the newer songs you don't like? I personally think Mark and Tom sometimes get too tired and sloppy with shows over an hour.
  10. That's possibly the best blink bootleg. I think its the same setlist as the Mark Tom and Travis show. Way better since it's not edited, funny banter with the 21+ crowd. I like when Tom's string breaks during Dammit but he gets a new guitar just in time for the chorus. Mark yells in happiness and Tom starts laughing.
  11. You have my vote, but I don't think my absentee vote counts. This board is rampant with voter fraud and multiple accounts, good luck
  12. Why do you always want everyone banned for the dumbest reasons. He has leaked blinkumentary clips, we will have to just deal with the spam, which we already do for other members.
  13. That was really good! I like a few Illenium songs, so this is basically what I expected! When someone first posted about it, I just expected a sample. Is this the first time Tom has ever collaborated?
  14. Yeah, pop punk boomers aren't hip enough for social media! btw Hot Mulligan BLOWS
  15. History shows that the Tombots are always wrong in the end. In 2-3 years some mediocre film production by Tom will be released and all of us will be saying the same thing about how bad it is.
  16. Why do you Tombots take it personally when someone points out the obvious fact that Ava and blink fund all this stuff. TTS Academy exists because they sold $3 million in fake stock. They don't make any money and never will. He's actually good at making music, but nope the Tombots hand him millions for another bad movie. When will they learn?
  17. Well I'm concerned for Tom because his priorities make no sense. TTS has lost millions and he does anything he can to delay just playing with AVA. He takes his hobbies to an extreme level. Let me guess, you are a proud stockholder
  18. There's no way Dan was being serious. You Tombots are as delusional as your hero. Tom isn't taking his time, he's WASTING his time. The new movie/tv show will be a flop just like TTS, which pays 6 figure salaries, but they still don't have a single product in sight to offset the losses. Let's not forget his beautiful wife left him because of all of this stuff.
  19. I'm hoping info on the TTS money situation leaks. It's been 3 years since they sold $3 Million in fake stock. I guarantee that money is gone and Tom is wasting his millions from the Hipgnosis payout. He's going to need the new Ava album to help him break even
  20. I like the way the poll results are looking
  21. I was able to catch part of it live. Really loved the set and it made me miss concerts and realise it will be a long time before I go to one again 😭
  22. Yungblood is OK, I really liked that song "11 minutes" with Halsey and Travis from last year! I wish Lil Peep was still around because he 100% would have been on this MGK album.
  23. You don't even know what discord is you dinosaur. I was talking about him doing stuff like reuploading the entire album launch Mark did on Twitch to YouTube. I do it for fun, I love reporting people like Italia and Chesh-bootlegs any chance I get. He's a big crybaby too, much like you and Speedo on this forum. Threw a fit when someone revealed news from his newletter about who Tom was dating.
  24. I'm happy to hear Mark feels the same way as me! I've been bashing Italia for years and I report him on youtube constantly, but some people here have the nerve to defend him. Why doesn't Mark file a copyright claim? A regular user can't do that, so I have to call it "spam" or something. Isn't blink partly to blame though? They treat this guy like someone special constantly even though he is an entitled loser. Same with Famous Burro.
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