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  1. thanks for uploading wtf is with his tarzan impression near the end lmao
  2. don't think this has been posted: http://www.channel4.com/music/features/interview.jsp?featureId=104 enjoy...
  3. lmao yea he does, the olsen twin r fuckin weird lookin
  4. heres scans from this weeks kerrang, don't think they've bin posted yet, so here ya go...
  5. good choice, one of my favs on the album
  6. cud someone rip the bit where AvA are on cos ive got dial up and it would take bout 3 hours to download the whole thing. I would really appreciate it.
  7. here's another 1, it's from Adam's Song video
  8. yea i instantly thought of 'dark side of the moon'
  9. according to HMV The Adventure will be released 8th May in the UK http://www.hmv.co.uk/hmvweb/simpleSearch.do?pGroupID=-1&simpleSearchString=angels+and+airwaves&primaryID=-1
  10. here it says her slipped a disc in his back http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/music/1723850.stm
  11. Dude Ranch and self titled are pure perfection... i could live without Dysentery Gary, Don't Leave Me and Dumpweed
  12. the vid is divided into three parts, just like tom said the film would be in three parts, look at the three parts individually then think about the comparisons as a whole. Then it will make a hella lot more sense.
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