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  1. it would be interesting to see, and the first time they met. but i doubt they had cameras rolling for something like that
  2. Fuck the GD thread. Not everyone wants to look back through all those pages to see if someone posted something new.
  3. I'm gonna have more blink merch than I'll ever need. I love so many of those, and I'm gonna love seeing my chick in those panties
  4. if people really thought ava was dead after the whole blink thing, your in for a let down, and i know a bunch of people felt that way. you can't be too surprised when blink stuff is pushed aside, they have prior obligations, such as AVA, which would be a pretty big one. regardless, blink is back together. and before we even knew they were back together, a lot of people said they would be happy just them being friends. just need to be optimistic and patient.
  5. haha, your kidding me right? there is so much stupid shit posted on here constantly. the podcasts, the stupid posts about new info and leaks which are people just playing around. sooo serious.
  6. just did that one. ofcourse when i push him to prove he actually has the song, he tells me to hit him up in 12 hours, after the supposed release, and he will unblock me. fucking dumb ass. i swear to god he needs his balls kicks. i sent the entire conversation to travis. i wonder if he'll read it. what a fun night. fuck ive been up all night.
  7. haha i reported him as a scammer. im gonna report him again for trying to get girls naked and link the youtube video in it.
  8. well the screen cap could have been in march even with the new picture. but, we dont have proof he did it in march, and if that picture wasnt even released in march then we know he is full of shit.
  9. i dont, he claims to have screen capped that in march. was that default picture even released in march?
  10. thats fucking for real right? i have never seen that before.
  11. update again.... also, the chick in my sig is joanna angel from burning angel. haha im a dumbass and wrote angle... ive been up all night. GET IT!
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