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  1. I LOVE this song already. But the guitar doesn't sound very Tom Delonge-y. Does anyone get what I mean?!?? It sounds a little like Mark could have played the majority of guitar for this one. To me, anyway.
  2. FUCKING AWESOME! Anyone else think this sounds a bit like MXPX?
  3. A few years ago I put up some AVA and BCR remixes and let you guys know. I've just done my first remix since then, and wanted to share it with you guys. It's a 'remix' of Weatherman and the acoustic version - I know there's another version already on youtube, but I wanted to share my own take on it. Please let me know what you think! >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE55SOXlG8c&feature=player_profilepage Here's my first incase you missed it in 2007. You can see the others on my channel! >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jQpyDLbHh4
  4. I completely agree. I'm super stoked! I've got this great feeling that it's gonna be like going back in time to the different summertime's we had new blink albums. It'd be so awesome if the album, or at least one song, comes out FOR summer!!! Cos musically, blink is as close to summer as a soundtrack can get. RIGHT??
  5. I seriously hope it doesn't take 15 years lol.
  6. Thought we could do with a thread for the new album!! After reading page 731 of general discussion, I thought I'd make this thread for the anticipation, excitement, FAN-hype and all the news on blink's 6th studio album (but really their 8th album). When do you guys think the first single will be out? News-wise, I guess the latest we have are those lyrics from Mark, so here they be (again):
  7. I think that'd actually be quite interesting! It'd be nice for the blink fans to get hyped together, even for a week, then we can bitch and piss and moan about all the shit we REALLY wanted to say lol. I'm sick of not getting substantial news, not having even a 5 second teaser, or a mysterious website 'thing'... just ANYTHING!!! I mean they talk about it and everything, but we havent seen anything productive of the new blink-182 yet - other than things we can BUY :/ Even if they wrote a joke song to play on the tours so far, ya know? I love blink, and I want them back properly. There
  8. I read those lines as: "Fame and fortune Lost in your own reflection Watching others torture Is grocery store perfection" ? then: "..dirty boots on the ground I finally swept it all up" ?
  9. "Tom's answers" in this interview - the ones related to Blink - made me a bit sad to think Blink isn’t where Tom’s heart is. To be honest Travis only really seemed entirely dedicated to Blink around self-titled, and even then he did a Transplants tour right in the middle. Mark seems like he still lives and breathes Blink and it’s legacy, like it never left him. Tom doesn’t seem like he’s even interested from a public point of view. Of course it’s difficult to comment on the behind-closed-doors stuff. I agree with some comments on here saying that they still don’t seem like pro
  10. Has anyone read today's edition of KERRANG? We know what they've been like in the past for reporting things on blink, but the quote Tom as saying "Blink pays the bills" and that the money allows Angels & Airwaves to break free from a label. They also suggest they think Tom would choose AVA over Blink in a second. And I'm sad to say I think they're right Your thoughts? Here is the interview:
  11. Has anyone read this from MTV? "It's already been described as "ambitious" and "weird," and now Mark Hoppus is tossing another adjective onto the ever-growing pile of descriptives used for Blink-182's upcoming album: "expansive." That's what he told MTV News backstage at Z100's Jingle Ball in New York, but he didn't stop there. Hoppus also hinted that the band's forthcoming disc will also be an all-encompassing affair, one that not only harkens back to Blink's past, but also touches on the dark days they've had in the present, including the deaths of longtime producer Jerry Finn and
  12. I have a feeling we'll be getting regular teasers for the movie now, as shown from Tom's posts of pics and this video: >http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=134902033231864&oid=161055970583417&comments 7&comments Thought i'd make a topic for all new AVA teasers and trailers. What do you guys think of this ^ one?
  13. I have to say, actually, that I feel this is their best interview since they reformed. Not the most in-depth and educating of the band or their music, but it's awesome that Kerrang! seem to have asked them the right questions, and done the right research on them. A proper music mag. Anyway, yeah I think this is the first interview for me of Blink-182 since before the break-up. They seem like Blink again in this interview And they really seem to have bonded a lot since the interviews last year.
  14. This is the point I was trying to make a while back, that blink don't get as much attention in the UK as they deserve. We're really NOT that in to indie. It's just the people at the bbc think we want something different because that's 'what's cool'. And it really isn't. It pisses me off. Here are these shitty little bands, most of which I haven't even heard of, and I listen to BBC Radio 1 about 10 hours a week AND download the podcasts, that I haven't even heard of! And they're shit. But here's blink who are only getting more attention only AFTER the bbc realise 85,000 people obviously w
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