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  1. Definatly a grower, black skinhead is awesome. The God shit is pritty hilarious.
  2. its abit homo disaster and boxing day are the only tunes i listened to much and still enjoy. i thought about half of NHoods was good and half was crap.
  3. TΦM

    Some tunes ive made

    Just going to keep posting in this thread, made this tune and video. Will post the album link when i upload it, for the possible one person lurking too ashamed to post.
  4. Nardwaar is hilarious though, with most chill musicians he will just turn up and give them awesome shit.
  5. Boxing Day Disaster Pritty Little Girl/Dogs Eating Dogs When I Was Young
  6. Yelawolf tries to hard to emulate eminems style, the bridge sounds abit like I Love The Way You lie by Rhianna/Eminem. Some of OF/Action Bronson/Asher Roth would sound chilling on a blink song
  7. Such a good EP. Pritty Little Girl should have had mark instead of yelawolf but it was still cool.
  8. They should just continue without tom.
  9. TΦM

    Some tunes ive made

    made some more. the biggie and 50 cent remix's are ok.
  10. The first 3 tracks are solid but i got abit bored of the rest of it.
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