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  1. It's an okay album. A solid 6/10. I honestly think I would enjoy it more if the band was called something other than blink-182.
  2. God this song fucking suuuuuuuuuuuucks absolute human wang balls and ass.
  3. Still the best blink-182online joke was when I faked that interview with Mark Hoppus and he personally had to tweet to confirm it wasn't real. Y'all got so mad.
  4. Kane is broken and everybody cries in Fantasy Football.
  5. Lol everyone in here still so salty about City.
  6. this is a public service announcement this is only a test
  7. Anyone interested in a fantasy league? I'm serious guys, I want to see you fucking going for it.
  8. the brits are sick at cycling
  9. been on here for 11 fucking years that's what's on me bloody mind

  10. We've got some bloody stones playing 50m for John Stones, amirite? So we got a fantasy league going or what? I literally just came back to find out if there's one knocking about. On a serious note, 50m is madness, but you've literally spent 99m quid buying back a player you could've had anyway, if only Sir Alex Fuckeries wore his glasses a bit more and actually saw the potential in the kid.
  11. Calling us to draw one all next week in Madrid, play Bayern in the final and win and then Pep come to us and we win the world cup in 2018.
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