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  1. Yeah this is a completely different feeling for me. With Edging, if it sucked, I was ready to just fall back on Tom bashing since he has been a complete ass since the early 2000s really. But he has started to rope me back in lately. The alien stuff is dumb, but it’s not a deal breaker if he’s not scamming and acting like a freak. I’m really excited for tomorrow. I’ve reached Level 10, I don’t care that it’s a slow song. I’m even embracing that part of it. I am fully edged and ready.
  2. I’m so much more excited for this song than I was for Edging. I have hope now that Tom is trustworthy and authentic. I’m ready to be a Tombot again. Please don’t let me down one more time
  3. We might want to get that new font involved anyway since they’ve moved away from the one we have up there now. Maybe make a non sack version too while you’re messing with it? Or maybe the sack stays because it’s so grand? Show me your work
  4. Damn I love blink online

  5. It really has nothing to do with my edge and everything to do with my motivation to make that. So if someone sends me a tidy usable image that fits and is cool it’s up lol This board was Cum-182online for several weeks 🤷‍♂️
  6. I’m happy to see you around again here Mikey I still remember when your username was UseYourErection1&2, which was the original Hard at Work 😂
  7. Look at this post. Unedited. Clown incarnate
  8. Caught a short ride to the grave and back last season
  9. There is a lyric on Neighborhoods (2011) referencing Tom's skin cancer in the past tense my dude
  10. Lol no, the actual vinyl inlay sheet with all the lyrics leaked to Reddit. I thought it looked too generic to be real, but read some of the lyrics and they ended up being real. JarJar saw it too. The dudes been washed from Reddit I guess Two Peas in a Pod...what could have been
  11. So where did the info that Fuck Face is just one line repeated come from? I thought it was the leak I'm referring to that was immediately taken down
  12. There was a terrible fake one that I can still find (like cringe AI) but there was an image version that leaked also that had the entire album. I know it had accurate lines from One More Time. Guess it's gone everywhere now
  13. Can someone post the leaked lyrics for One More Time from awhile back? I can't find that shit anymore. At the time I figured it was fake, but most of it ended up being real so I want to check it out again. Hit Me Baby One More Time
  14. It's on Facebook https://fb.watch/naVA0vDu1a/
  15. Since One More Time will be slow and acoustic I could see them releasing an upbeat one with it to pacify the PUNKER edgelords
  16. Fucking Reddit and its legion of retards crashing the boards scram tools
  17. Also What Went Wrong, very similar guitar work
  18. Where was Captain Pellaeon? Didn't he show up on hologram in the Mandalorian or something? Gotta get the Captain in there
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