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  1. Doesn't sound great based on those descriptions...
  2. I'm surprised it hasn't leaked yet. My friend is too wholesome to risk everything leaking it himself, but I'd have thought someone else from a record store or pressing plant might've done it.
  3. 8/1 chance Portugal finish 2nd so I wouldn't worry too much about you having to play them. 55% chance it'll be Hungary.
  4. He's actually listening to it the bastard!!
  5. Hahaha I did ask him but he's too honest a guy to consider something like that sadly... I also asked for a photo of the back of the album (have we seen what that looks like yet?) but I don't think he'll even do that. I think his issue is that if he gets caught he would not only lose his job, but possibly be liable for all sorts of financial/civil (maybe even criminal?) charges. And he is probably my best friend so I don't want him to ruin his life haha.
  6. This will leak soon, one of the local record shops here has physical copies in already, my friend who works there just sent me this:
  7. Oh right, thanks for the extra info. Did you win a ticket in the competition?
  8. Someone I know is there now in the studio with them, so it's definitely happening. I guess they're not streaming it live, maybe they're gonna play it tonight or something.
  9. So is this acoustic session on Radio X happening? It's meant to be at 12.30pm UK as far as I know, which is in 1 minute. But I'm tuned now and they're playing Nirvana and there's been no mention of Blink at all.
  10. Bored To Death works much better as an acoustic version imo
  11. Yeah Blink will be on at 12pm UK (7am Eastern)
  12. Holy hell I am so hungover. Both shows were awesome, first was better in my opinion. Second show me and or two others was shouting out for Wendy Clear, I think Mark started playing the bass line but then said they weren't gonna do it. Really enjoyed it though, setlists weren't groundbreaking but I liked ending on Josie.
  13. Oops sorry I did get my timezone math mixed up...sorry hope none of you got confused
  14. Tonight there are 2 separate acoustic shows, at 7pm and 9pm UK time - so midnight and 2am Eastern respectively. Neither will be broadcast live anywhere as far as I know. Got my tickets for both... Then tomorrow at 10am UK (3pm Eastern) Blink is appearing on Radio 1 and that should be broadcast live. Then again tomorrow night at some point between 7pm-10pm (midnight-3am Eastern), Blink should be on Radio 1 again (small part of me things this might just be a rerun of the recording earlier in the day though, seems strange that they would do 2 separate recordings for Radio 1 on the same day) Then finally they are doing another radio spot at Radio X on Thursday, at 12.30pm UK (5.30pm Eastern) - this will again be broadcast live
  15. I reeeeeeally need tickets to the Radio 1 Live Lounge tomorrow morning, and the Radio 1 All-Dayer tomorrow night, and the Radio X session on Thursday lunchtime. Can anyone help me out?
  16. At that price I reckon it is. Considering he just got 40+ goals this season, wouldn't be at all surprised to see him bag one or two during the group stages, even in such a tough group. I must confess I'm slightly biased here as he's probably one of all-time favourite non-Celtic players, but still.
  17. Short odds? He's 40/1 ffs Agreed about the tough group, but an EW bet at 40/1 is a great shout for a player like Ibra. Most firms paying 1/4 the odds 4 places, you probably only need to get 3, maybe 4 goals to finish top 4 on the scoring charts.
  18. No bets for me yet, gonna take a look at Ibra top scorer though.
  19. Romania and Austria in the sweepstakes for me. Buzzing for the tournament to start though.
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