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  1. i know this topic was created when mark mentioned that rejected plan of doing a blink show with the side projects as the warm-up acts. if such thing ever happens they wouldn't do one combined setlist. i mean, it's ok as a random topic, but it's far from reality.
  2. Zoltan

    Skiba or Gaskarth

    try these: good mourning (this could be love, we've had enough, continental, emma), crimson (time to waste, burn, sadie), agony and irony (calling all skeletons, help me, over and out, into the night), babylon (voices, angel of deaf), kuts (any song from this album).
  3. the riff in soulmate is part of an upbeat guitar theme while the asthenia riff has "desperate" overtones. i think it's a perfect example of how a simple riff can be used in different songs and the atmosphere around it is what matters the most. the riff in these two songs sound like it's the polar opposite of itself.
  4. don't kid yourself with reasons. no matter what, most of the forum users won't like the new album. or to be correct, they already hate it. they hated it before they knew about pharrel, and nothing will change their feelings. grumpy old edgelords just don't want to be satisfied with anything.
  5. they said the song had no title when they wrote it, but they referred to it as the 6/8 song. then it became the official title. still a lame title, but the backstory is not as bad as you described in this #fanfiction.
  6. you would be right if it wasn't a far fetched interpretation of what really happened... in my opinion the "general obsession" you mentioned was not about the band members' kids, it was about bad parenting. the way he formed his thoughts was not the best, but i don't think it was outrageous. just lame trolling.
  7. i don't know who this feeling_kids guy is, but i think this discussion has been super idiotic. what happened? years ago he checked out some insta accounts related to the band members. then he wrote sarcastic comments shaming travis and/or shanna because he thought pushing a 11 years old kid to the music industry is incorrect behavior. as i remember it all started when travis' daughter had her own music video, where she was dressed as an adult, wore a ton of makeup, etc... although i'm a fan of travis, and i don't give a fuck about feeling_this_1, i think the wrong team in this story is the barker family. (there was a sickening tv show about bored golddiggers who used their preteen daughters to get fame, they pushed their daughters to beauty contests, dressed them up like they were grown up whores. the barkers kinda did the same thing. judging things like these is far from being a pedo. even if the judging is a bit obsessed.)
  8. alex: "♪♫ i cannot live, i can't breathe unless- ♪♫" mark: "leave the room now!"
  9. i guess that's why i like that album. the others try hard to be grandiose, but the songs are actually not that great. love part 2 feels like it is just a collection of leftover material. it wasn't surrounded by an annoying hype, so it ended up being better than the rest. for me.
  10. i think love part 2 is the best ava album. the worst is definitely the dream walker.
  11. Tall But Soy is as relevant as Faking Oack Bunday.
  12. i just noticed i left out bcr and +44 from my list. but those two albums should be included in blink's discography - in retrospect we can see them as they were still blink-182 but with a bit different lineups.
  13. i still listen to their complete catalogue in every 1-2 months.
  14. not all of them are pop punk per definition, but they're either on the poppy side of melodic punk rock (or ska) or the punk rock-ish side of pop. 1) blink-182 2) lagwagon 3) bad astronaut 4) alkaline trio 5) descendents 6) motion city soundtrack 7) the interrupters nofx 9) new found glory 10) no use for a name 11) rancid 12) less than jake 13) mxpx 14) against me 15) sum 41 16) home grown 17) fenix tx 18) tonight alive 19) the offspring 20) sugarcult 21) jimmy eat world 22) hey monday 23) paramore 24) yellowcard 25) simple plan 26) good charlotte 27) the distillers 28) bowling for soup 29) the get up kids 30) american hi-fi 31) the ataris 32) a day to remember 33) all time low 34) green day 35) wheatus
  15. some of their songs are not that bad: weightless, painting flowers, time bomb, the reckless and the brave.
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