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  1. the location does not matter, the length of the performance does. 70 minutes of playing guitar, singing, jumping, talking about funny shit is enough to prove that he is the better performer. (spoiler: he will fail in the first 3 minutes.)
  2. i think matt plays shows almost every day while he also has a lady friend around...
  3. you say so, but yet you could never prove anything you've bragged about. where's the song you wrote in 5 minutes? where's a live performance of you playing guitar and singing for 90 minutes? you have never delivered anything but excuses.
  4. don't kid yourself, you would be out of breath after 20 minutes at a real live show.
  5. because royalties weren't paid on a monthly basis. travis probably had writing credits for toypay, but it is possible that he hadn't seen money from it until mid 2002 or so.
  6. i think he appeared in the mtv cribs episode with travis. travis talked about giving drum lessons to local kids, and 13-year-old ilan rubin sat behind his drum kit.
  7. find the greatest common divisor of i wanna be a warhol, dogs eating dogs, lycanthrope, heart's all gone, and this song clip, then you'll see. (hint: it's the drum beat and the guitar sound.)
  8. time to bitch about symphonic orchestras for reading the music sheet.
  9. matt uses the teleprompter because he finds it hard to remember which verse is the next one. it's not like he doesn't know the lyrics at all. taking a glimpse at them makes the performances a lot less stressful... he talked about it to a friend of mine a while ago.
  10. (edit: wrong topic, but i leave it here...) i joined the insta live when mark said "you don't have to whisper" to someone. than he realized that "oh, i said a freaking angels and airwaves thing. ? i said you don't have to whisper." "new single coming soon? um, not for a minute. blame it on my youth's last week was the biggest gainer, so i don't think so." "are you gonna play enema of the state at every single show on this tour this summer? so, um, look forward to that. if you like enema of the state, you're gonna hear it all summer long, it will be fun." "you gotta tell us when the album drops. we're still figuring out the release date of the album." "mark, when tom back to blink-182? ? no, no plan. we are on good terms, everyone's friendly with one another, supportive. ?" "what's your memory about the original josie underwater video? i remember that, um, it was very cold, it was freezing cold, and it was pouring rain at the time." "did not for real turned into home is such a lonely place? no, not for real is not that song, it did not come as that." about the enema question and answer: he has not said exactly that they will play the entire album at every show. i think they'll just play enema songs in a bigger dose.
  11. tom said "mark and i talked about blink's future" because tom wanted attention for himself. mark said "we never talked about it" because he didn't want stupid speculations. you don't need to be inside someone's head to see their intentions. especially after everything's said and done.
  12. bands do this all the time for a simple reason: when they release a leftover song months after the album, the fans will like it for sure, because it already sounds familiar, even if the album felt different than the previous ones. blink made a mistake when they selected the "best songs" for california, then released another 10 songs for the deluxe. they should have release a longer album with all kind of songs in the first place, then release the similar sounding leftovers later. i think "no future" or "teenage satellites" would stand out as b-sides, people would appreciate them more if they were the extras of a live/acoustic ep, for example. as we can see, on the main album they are skippable songs for the most.
  13. because they used their only official live video (heart's all gone) for it. the new promo department is lame as fuck.
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