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  1. This is pretty badass. A band won $10,000 worth of new gear, an EP recorded in a studio with help from Travis Barker and a cameo by Travis on a song from the EP. http://www.antimusic.com/news/11/july/26Blink-182s_Travis_Barker_Picks_A_Winner.shtml
  2. I came to talk about the Up All Night video shoot... Bailing out.
  3. Can you hit me up on aim? My SN is AriEatsWorld I've made some websites too (via Photoshop and then Text Wrangler), I know a fair amount of HTML/Javascript/CSS coding. Made this website in a few hours (was rushed to get a project done on time): http://www.ugrad.cs.ubc.ca/~x8x7/index.html Might want to remove the http://www.freewebsitetemplates.com/ link in that website you made. All of the stuff suggested for a new front page sounds great, there are plenty of other blink sites that post news instantly so making it discussion and community focused is a great idea.
  4. we made a film about blink, about friendship, music and more. lulz. Enough with the bullshit, just release the thing.
  5. For those who don't like squinting: http://i.imgur.com/VAGvb.jpg The source is reddit.
  6. I'm bet all they came up with in 2003 was the rough riff and they just went no further with it.
  7. Any info? Look two posts up. He also mentioned that the Up All Night video will be done in a few weeks.
  8. I think you need your ears tested bro.
  9. The bass line in the iTunes version = fap fap fap.
  10. Yep, buy it on iTunes here. Mark is on a plane back to LA and is answering questions on Google+. A few bits: not sure if GOTDF will be out before the tour. the 182 mailbox is not the album cover. the shirt on the up all night single has 5 arrows because none of us noticed it. whoops. i used lettuce, my green mark hoppus signature model bass, on every song on the album. it wins every time. no other bass can compare. well, there was one that came close, maybe even better, but i gave it away at a show in san francisco on the last tour. the alphabet theme will not have an I. demo A, buddah B, cheshire cat C, dude ranch D, enema E, travis's drum on the MT&T show F, jacket pocket on TOYPAJ G, untitled H in blink-182, greatest hIts... kevin and bean probably weren't supposed to say the album comes out sept 27st. only because it may end up being a bit before or a bit after, depending on the label. david choe did not do the album artwork. he did the single.
  11. Sounds like the Sept 27th release is true. Mark just confirmed it as the tentative date on Google+. Yes indeed! The new blink-182 album will be titled "Neighborhoods," and is tentatively scheduled for release September 27nd!! lmao at "27nd".
  12. The album story behind the album title is that Mark, Tom & Travis are really different but together they are something awesome. They're from different neighborhoods of music. "Travis is a very street, urban, dirty asthetic" "I'm more like a indie rock, whatever guy" "Tom's out of space, aliens, whatever" "Kinda' like different neighborhoods that make up a city"
  13. Mark phoned in to the Kevin & Bean show this morning to discuss the new single but also revealed a few other exciting bits of information. - The new album is titled Neighborhoods - The album will be released September 27 (Not 100% confirmed) - The band will be playing 3 or 4 new songs on the upcoming tour Listen to the interview Here >>
  14. The album is called Neighborhoods.
  15. No it's not. It's 128kb/s. Look at the file name: aSF8EWF1rQuu.128.mp3
  16. It's a grower, I think I like it. If the Youtube background is the single artwork, holy fuck that is embarrassingly bad.
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