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  1. im guessing this was their first show back in las vegas, but i could be wrong.
  2. Wow that looks pretty sick, was this just put up on YouTube? And is this going to be an official documentary like the Urethra Chronicles were?
  3. Thanks for the awesome posts Niedermayer. Those burns on Travis's legs look really bad, do you know if his legs or back look nearly as bad now as they do here?
  4. How did you help me at all? You quoted someone who already stated the answer and then insulted me. And GrandpaReefer, if I knew his sleeve covered up the bunny tattoo, I wouldn't of posted this topic.
  5. the way that admins talk down to users on this board is absurd. i guess the admins need a lesson in forum courtesy (here comes my ban). this is a blink 182 discussion board and im discussing a topic related to blink 182 with fellow blink 182 fans, how can this even be an issue. but thanks to those who actually put posts in here that are related to the topic.
  6. no reason for the sarcastic tone, tattoos can be removed or covered up.
  7. Hey I have a few questions about some of the tattoos that the guys in Blink have. Does Tom still have that ring band that goes around his left arm with the blink bunny on it? I was trying to look at pictures of his arm recently and it seems as though it's been covered up by other tattoos. Next, does anyone know if Travis still has the Descendents "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" Tattoo on his leg. I always thought that was a pretty cool tattoo to have. Also one last thing, how many tattoos does Mark have now. I remember him getting his wife and son's names on his wrists during the recording pr
  8. I went to the Boston show, which I didn't have a pit ticket for, and the pit was very small. It was a small circle of a few guys who only moshed on a few select songs. But I do have a pit ticket for the upcoming show in Hartford and I hope the pit is absolutely insane! The one thing I have never done, is being able to mosh to Blink-182. I hope it will be a blast and not just a bunch of people standing around like in Boston.
  9. I was pumped when they played Josie, since Dude Ranch might possibly be my favorite album (but that's always changing). But the song that they didn't play at my show, which they have at others, is Go from the self-titled album. This is one of my favorite Blink songs and they didn't play it at my show in Boston. Hopefully they will in Hartford, but who knows. With my luck, they'll play the same setlist.
  10. Just listened to the album a second time through and I think my favorites are Violence (because it is such a cool take on the song) and I'm Lost Without You because I think it is better than the original version of the song.
  11. sorry to start a political discussion trend in this thread. good interview!!!
  12. Truly an amazing album you put together here Odi! Every song has it's own unique blend of acoustic guitar and smooth vocals. I'm impressed by your ability to turn these already excellent songs into something so different yet still the same. It really gives credit to your talent as a musician and song writer and we all can't wait to hear more covers in the future. Someone who has backstage passes really needs to drop this off for someone in Blink at an upcoming show.
  13. Thanks for posting this, it was a pretty good interview. I'm sure we'll be seeing the Blink album sometime during 2010, most likely later than earlier. I also like how Mark said Blink-182 isn't really the place for him to share his political opinions because they're personal to him. Tom on the other hand used to show off his support for John Kerry back in 2004. The reason I don't like that is because it influences some fans to vote for someone only because Tom Delonge is. Also the reason I don't care for political music like NOFX has been doing.
  14. For anyone thinking Blink was just back to do a quick north american tour, think again! Blink-182 is going to be around for atleast a few years to come with a new album and everything.
  15. Listening to Peggy Sue on The Mark, Tom and Travis show right now!
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