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  1. Fave tunes off it? Its fucking flawless but what an incredible tune Waggy is, fuck.
  2. Tom bang on about a lot of things, The Alien entities that rule this world are inter-dimensional and yes their goal is to divide us. Doing a great fucking job at it too.
  3. You get to much hype my girl. Pipe down
  4. Can we just agree that both bands appealed to different people. You had a cultural phenomenon in American Pie using blink and their music for all the cool kids And then I’d imagined some geeky, incel chess playing cunt movie would use Greenday to appease all the smelly virgins with no friends hence Speedo, Diddy shitcunt and the likes choosing Greenday.
  5. Scott.


    Just watched the last dance lads. Absolutely amazing. American sport is really theatrical which always makes for great docs. Can’t believe the bulls haven’t won a championship in 22 years. How does it work? Do you just trade and draft players or can you buy players off the other teams?
  6. Like I said before Greenday is for little incel cuck cunts like Diddy Dipshit.
  7. You have such a little boner for Greenday 😂
  8. Arsenal are finished. They’ll be a mid table side in a couple of years unless the little crop of youngsters they’ve got turn out to be world beaters. I thought the two games were awful tbh. I fucking hate watching it without the fans but it’s better than nothing I suppose but I really wouldn’t take to much away from these results we’re going to be getting. City players didn’t look arsed one bit. in fact I think teams would benefit more from players young fringe players because they’d give their all and try to impress rather than the super star players just going through the motions
  9. Arsenal will get a right good bumming tonight
  10. Scott.

    Perfect Albums

    Closely followed by you signing up here
  11. Scott.

    Perfect Albums

    Pearl Jam - Ten Blink - Untitled & Dude Ranch Alanis Morisette - Jagged Little Pill Oasis - What’s The Story Morning Glory & Definitely Maybe The Starting Line - Say It Like You Mean It +44 - WYHSB Sam Fender - Hypersonic Missiles FOB - Take This To Your Grave The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses Basement - Colourmeinkindness
  12. Fucking hell i’m a better bassist than mark and I’ve never picked up a bass in my life
  13. Stinking the place out more like
  14. Exactly. It’s not biased. I think there are plenty of bands better than Blink. I’m no Blink dick rider. When do you ever see me posting in the blink section? I’m just not having Greenday as a better or more influential band thank Blink.
  15. That’s your opinion. I think the bands you post are trash. Thanks Greenday.
  16. Don’t you have some obscure Latvian punk band to be listening too? Snobby McSnob
  17. Greenday are proper virgin music for incels. Where as I see Blink as the more cool fuck boy band that gets all the girls. If they both went to a party, Greenday would be the little scruffy smelly cunt in the corner bitching and moaning about people having fun and Blink would be Steve Stifler, finger blasting girls in the toilets, licking alcohol off the popular girls cleavage etc yeah something like that
  18. I hope the spurs United game is called off now
  19. Blink influenced more genres. You’ve got bands like Mumford and Sons, artists like Halsey, Machine Gun Kelly and all the emo rappers like Lil Peep, Juice Wrld etc all influenced by blink. They have a far bigger reach than Greenday. Greenday is the elitist snobby choice hence people like Davey and Speedo choosing them because they can’t listen to anything else other than shitty small punk bands but Blink reaches a bigger audience.
  20. Blink have riffs and solos, most Greenday songs sound the same. Travis is a far better drummer than Tre. Two vocalists with great voices, the call and return tracks are fucking gold. Blink spawned two great albums in when your heart stops beating and box car racer. Better more iconic music videos, the fashion, the jokes and banter. Honestly it’s no fucking contest imo.
  21. As for the hall of fame. Greenday were always far more corporate and serious while blink were signing about fucking dogs and talking about touching kids in their live shows not really hard to work out why Greenday got in first is it. Blink have always been looked down on unfairly
  22. Well that’s modern blink isn’t it. The blink nobody really cares for anymore.
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